Diversity & Inclusion learning journey

Creating an inclusive mindset

Recent research shows that businesses benefit from both inclusion and diversity, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. How? 

  • Diverse businesses create better outcomes
  • Diverse teams are more innovative and create more value
  • Firms who have inclusion and diversity as a business priority improve their reputation and brand

In order to increase diversity and inclusion (D&I), it is important for employees within an organisation to have D&I competencies and build D&I capabilities. 

Our blended journey takes employees on a D&I development path. It is not a one off solution, but rather a learning path spread out in time, with moments to learn & reflect individually, but also learn from and with others. The content in this learning path is based on the PwC global D&I program and will create a foundation for the behaviors and skills critical to harnessing the power of diversity, and working and leading successfully across differences.

Creating an inclusive mindset

To PwC, diversity and inclusion is very important and essential for our success. To support this, PwC offers a D&I program, called Inclusive Mindset, for more than 295,000 professionals in 156 countries.

After completing the program, you… 

  • have the necessary information on different aspects of diversity and inclusion 
  • are aware of behaviours and practices that might block diversity & inclusion
  • know how to use empathy to contribute to an inclusive culture and what actions you might take
  • are able to take purposeful and brave actions necessary to foster a culture of inclusion

About the learning program

The learning program consists of several components that provide new insights on Diversity and Inclusion: widen your lens, create awareness, use empathy and take action. The content is sequenced and consists of various learning methods: self paced, peer learning and facilitated learning. 

  • Self paced: employees learn in their own time. Learning interventions are offered via our platform (for example  videos, articles and quizzes). It provides information on D&I and encourages employees to reflect on their own behaviours. 
  • Peer learning: employees learn with and from each other by working on assignments or engaging in discussion in groups of colleagues.  
  • Facilitated learning: learning in groups with colleagues, facilitated by one of our experience expert facilitators. Get first-hand eye opening insights in their personal experiences and inclusivity barriers & opportunities. And, together, identify actions that you can take to increase awareness in your daily work. 

Our experience expert facilitators are PwC network champions. So they have first hand experience with the topics covered in this program.

An overview of the different networks within PwC can be found here. The facilitated learning sessions offer real ‘eye-openers’ and can be tailored to the D&I challenges of your organisation. It gives employees insights into ‘moments that matter’ from a D&I perspective. 

The mix of learning interventions allows employees to reflect, but also gives them the opportunity to focus on what matters to them. The bite size learning interventions make it easier to learn continuously over a period of time and to integrate those lessons into their daily activities.

To further tailor the program to the needs of your organisation, please also check out our ‘Mix and Match’ options that can be an add-on to the learning journey, for example: D&I strategy course and VR programs. 

For whom?

This program is suitable for all employees within your organisation. The program can be deployed for the organisation as a whole or for business units or teams. The self-paced learning modules are in English, but peer learning and facilitated learning can be offered in Dutch.


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