Rewarding your people

The way organisations reward their people, in particular their top executives, is closely scrutinised. We help organisations navigate reward in a broader context of multiple stakeholders with their different perspectives. In a broader people and organisation ecosystem, reward supports the attraction, motivation, engagement and retention of key talent that drives business strategy and execution.

Organisations are looking more and more to bring the HR strategy into alignment with the objectives of the business. Making sure long-term incentive plans and annual bonuses are designed to support the long-term strategy of the business are high on the agenda when considering executive pay.

So developing a bonus plan that reflects the key performance indicators and culture of your organisation and designing incentive schemes that work for your business is important. We can work with you to devise a reward strategy, conduct pay or pension benchmarking exercises across all levels of your organisation and use our job evaluation system to check the consistency of reward practice on a group-wide basis - making your reward strategy work for your business and your people.

Rewarding your people


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