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IFRS 17, moving towards implementation

A good understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is crucial to applying them. Insurers in particular have to cope with specific complex and changing IFRS themes. In order to meet this specific industry knowledge need, we have developed a comprehensive IFRS e-learning curriculum for insurers.

Our unique IFRS e-learning The complete IFRS e-learnings programme for insurers curriculum for insurers reflects the changes made in the June 2020 Amendments to IFRS 17. The programme is tailored to meet the needs of this industry and covers emerging topics. As insurers are currently preparing for the implementation of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments and IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts, our e-learnings are centered around the relevant fundamentals. The overview on the right sets out the full programme. Please note that this programme or the order of modules may be amended to reflect insurance developments.

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IFRS e-learning for insurers

Why IFRS e-learnings for insurers?

Insurers have expressed an urgent need to increase the knowledge of all their employees with respect to IFRS developments. Together with our clients, we identified relevant topics and the preferred learning tool: e-learnings. This will allow insurers to update their organisation on IFRS developments that are relevant to their industry and to distribute this within their organisation at relatively low costs. Anytime, anywhere.

For whom

Our IFRS e-learnings are specifically designed for those in financial and actuarial functions within insurers or non-insurers who issue insurance contracts. These modules are also of interest to those working within Reporting, Controlling, IT, Internal Audit, Risk, ALM / Treasury, Account Management and Tax.

Subject Matter Expertise

The IFRS subject matter experts within our Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services group have designed the modules together with learning experts and our Global accounting experts. We have extensive knowledge of, and experience in, implementing IFRS for insurers and other financial institutions. In designing the modules, they have focused on the relevance and impact of IFRS, in theory and in practice, for insurers specifically, as well as other entities who issue insurance contracts.

Unlimited access packages

Full IFRS 9 & 17 programme

Access to IFRS 9 & 17 e-learning modules (16 modules). The full

IFRS 17 programme includes the Foundational and the Advanced


EUR 168,000

IFRS 9 & IFRS 17 Foundational programme

Access to IFRS 9 & 17 Foundational e-learning modules (12


EUR 120,000

Full IFRS 17 programme

Access to IFRS 17 e-learning modules (11 modules). The full IFRS 17

programme includes the Foundational and the Advanced modules.

EUR 138,000

IFRS 17 Foundational programme

Access to IFRS 17 Foundation e-learning modules (7 modules).

EUR 90,000

IFRS 17 Advanced programme

Access to 4 Advanced IFRS 17 e-learning modules. Purchase of

separate modules is possible.

EUR 54,000

IFRS 9 programme

Access to IFRS 9 e-learning modules (5 modules).

EUR 56,000

Additional hedging modules are available in our IFRS for banking programme.

IFRS 17 Advanced programme and separate modules:

The Advanced IFRS 17 modules can be purchased per module or in a combination package. Ask your contact person for price tables of combination packages. For access to each IFRS 17 Advanced module:

  • Advanced General Measurement Model (GMM) - EUR 16,000
  • Advanced Variable Fee Approach (VFA) - EUR 16,000
  • Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) - EUR 14,000
  • Reinsurance - EUR 14,000
Pay per registration packages
IFRS 9 & IFRS 17 Foundational package 

Each user has access to 12 modules until 31 December 2023.

EUR 360

IFRS 17 Foundational package

Each user has access to 7 modules until 31 December 2023.

EUR 210

IFRS 9 package

Each user has access to 5 modules until 31 December 2023.

EUR 150

IFRS 17 Advanced modules

Each user has access to the purchased module(s) until 31 December 2023.


- Advanced General Measurement Model (GMM) EUR 40
- Advanced Variable Fee Approach (VFA) EUR 40
- Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) EUR 40
- Reinsurance EUR 40
Additional user on any pay per registration package will be charged in accordance with its applicable pricing. All fees are excluding any applicable VAT.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Should you choose for unlimited access to the e-learnings, we will provide you with the e-learning modules to be incorporated in your LMS. Alternatively, we offer you the use of our LMS, free of charge, if you wish to make use of the pay per registration pricing structure.

E-learning webshop

Onze e-learning webshop is live! 

Goed nieuws, want daarmee kunt u nu ook individueel onze e-learnings volgen: 

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