Future of Retail

The retail industry has always been one of the most dynamic in its evolution. In the current situation, the full extent of the impact of COVID-19 remains unclear. To help navigate the uncertainty, we have developed the "Future of Retail" framework. This framework aims to help retailers (re)evaluate their strategy to enable them to sharpen and transform their organization to be future-ready.

Our experience has led us to identify four macro themes which we believe will play a major role in shaping the future of retailers - Robustness, Attractiveness, Sustainability, and Insightfulness. 

Future of retail

Evolving face of digitally enabled sustainable fashion

By replacing physical clothing with high-quality 3D design files, The Fabricant makes the value chain of fashion brands more agile, sustainable and cost-efficient. Together with PwC, Adriana Hoppenbrouwer, partner at The Fabricant, discusses the promising digitisation opportunities in the fashion industry.

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Retail Insight Series

Please take a look at our 3-5 minute reads on perspectives on how to adapt and success in the 1.5 meter economy:

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