Energy transition: CO2 levy & NL CO2 tax (In Dutch)

The energy transition is a fact and has major consequences for businesses, industries and consumer behaviour. One of the primary goals of the energy transition is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (also known as CO2 emissions). One of the means used to achieve this CO2 emission reduction is the pricing of CO2 emissions. In the Netherlands, a national CO2 tax has been introduced for industry starting this year. In a European context, an emission trading system (EU ETS) has been in place for over 20 years. In addition, a new mechanism is currently being introduced in this context, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). In this webcast we discuss the Dutch CO2 levy, possible developments of the EU ETS and CBAM and their impact on Dutch business.

In addition, we offer some practical tools, how you can deal with the consequences of the CO2 pricing / levy(s) within your organisation and what you can do to anticipate the expected (price) developments.


  1. Welcome and introduction
    Chris Winkelman 
  2. The importance of regulation and taxation for the energy transition
    Henri Bontenbal - introduction and background
  3. National CO2 tax, EU ETS and CBAM
    Niels Muller / Chris Winkelman  
  4. Practical considerations and possible actions
    Niels Muller / Chris Winkelman / Henri Bontenbal
  5. Closure and Q&A

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Energy transition, carbon pricing & NL taxation

Target audience

We focus on anyone working in the tax or related areas, such as CFOs, Tax Directors, Legal and HR Directors, and operations managers. In addition, we believe that this subject matter is also of interest to Sustainability Officers and similar positions within your organisation.

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