Ownership strategy

As a family company, you face a special challenge: you need to find a strategy that satisfies your business ambitions but which is also aligned with the norms and values of your family. This is where we can help.

Business versus family

To a certain extent, family-run businesses have to deal with the same questions as listed companies: which markets offer the greatest potential? What is the best strategy for going international? Which legal risks do we face? But, for you, the answers to these questions are not purely a matter of business. They also need to be in keeping with your family’s identity. PwC can offer you a compass to guide you.

A strategy for everyone

The different wishes and requirements of the family, the shareholders and the company can sometimes result in serious conflicts or even crises. We can help you to unite the various interests into a single strategy that works for everyone.

This is how we can help

Together with you, we will develop the strategy that suits the specific requirements of your organisation and family. Our professionals will identify potential risks and will examine the best way for you to utilise your opportunities. Thanks to our rich international experience, we understand every aspect of the process: from the market to the regulatory environment and the legal playing field, from the possible organisational forms and financing to the tax-friendly payment of dividend.

Business transformation

To stay ahead of the competition, family companies need to continuously improve. They are regularly forced to refine their strategy, which often means adjusting the business model. An example of this is the need to merge departments or even demerge business units. We can help you devise a customised business model.

Integrated entrepreneurship

Transforming the business model is essential for companies to change into truly integrated enterprises. An integrated enterprise has a consistent operational policy and consistent processes. In addition, a sound company has a strong central management with excellent local operations. This integrated business model can be reinforced further with a competitive cost base and tax burden.

This is how we can help you

PwC's specialists in the area of business transformation come from the Advisory, Tax, Transfer Pricing and Legal departments, offering you an integrated service provision. First of all, we will evaluate your current organisation applying objective standards. This is how we will identify your strengths as well as elements that could be improved. You will have a clear idea of the opportunities and challenges in front of you.

We will then work with you on designing a new organisational structure, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. We will help you to ensure that your processes, communications and tax position are as optimal as possible, while taking account of your goals, the competences of your staff, laws and regulations, your company structure and the maturity of your organisation. The result: a concrete plan for sustainable growth.

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