Cultural diversity

At the beginning of 2013, we in the Netherlands began the Cultural Awareness programme, focusing on the involvement of talented individuals from a migration background. This is done through networks such as Connected Cultures, the network for cultural diversity and the various awareness training courses that we offer. Read more about this best practice here. We have already learned that even small changes can have a big impact. We offerhalal food, provide quiet rooms and have made two public holidays optional, which colleagues can exchange for holidays that suit their own religious background. We also present a cultural calendar to our colleagues and customers every year.

Since the start of the Cultural Awareness programme, Non-Western colleagues have showed an increased level of satisfaction with PwC as employer, from 70% to 85%. That means that since 2017 their level of satisfaction with PwC has been equal to that of Dutch colleagues. The difference in number of promotions between Non-Western and Dutch colleagues has improved by 2%, adding up to a total difference of 0,9%. From 2013 - 2017 the number of talents with a migration background that chooses PwC als their employer has increased by 18%.

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