Cultural diversity

At the beginning of 2013, we in the Netherlands began the Cultural Awareness programme, focusing on the involvement of talented individuals from a migration background. This is done through networks such as Connected Cultures, the network for cultural diversity and the various awareness training courses that we offer. Read more about this best practice here. We have already learned that even small changes can have a big impact. We offerhalal food, provide quiet rooms and have made two public holidays optional, which colleagues can exchange for holidays that suit their own religious background. We also present a Inclusion & Diversity calendar to our colleagues and customers every year.

Seeds of PwC

In 2017, PwC created work experience placements for young refugees with a residence permit that are either still studying or have recently graduated.

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Personal stories about inclusion

We felt the vulnerability of diversity through the Black Lives Matter movement. Therefore, we started an internal chain letter in which colleagues openly shared their personal stories. We also organised dialogue sessions about our inclusive culture, the impact of our prejudices and how we want to connect with each other. In addition, we will be introducing an inclusive leadership badge across our network. This is aimed at strengthening an inclusive mindset and behaviour, and creating inclusive leaders.

Read also the interview with PwC staff members Pauline Mbundu and Remold Krol where they talk about the internal exchange of letters in the light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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We’re facing a major challenge as regards the ethnic background of our staff. By 2030, we want 15% of our partners/directors to be from a non-Western background; the current figure is 4%. In 2017/2018 we set targets as regards our SDGs ambitions. Through predictive analysis, we’ve discovered that if we are to achieve those ambitions, we’ll need to accelerate our transformation to a diversified and inclusive culture. We have further sharpened our I&D policy to contribute to this acceleration. We will emphasise more personal leadership skills, diverse succession planning, sponsoring diverse talent and challenging each other on our blindspots.

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