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Why work at PwC?

Working for PwC:
the opportunity of a lifetime

Your career is exactly that: yours. You make the decisions. We offer you opportunities. For example: the opportunity to do work that matters. To get the best out of yourself. To help build trust in society and solving important problems. You will receive intensive guidance and there is room for your ambition and personal choices. We offer a variety of work at leading clients. You will have access to a worldwide network and will share your knowledge, ideas and questions with the best professionals in your field and other disciplines. You will be appreciated for who you are and what you do. In an inspiring, inclusive and respectful working environment with pleasant colleagues. The skills, insights and relationships you build at PwC will determine your career, whether you stay with us or not.

opportunity of a lifetime

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Professional training and personal development

During your work at PwC you will be given every opportunity to develop. Both in your profession and as a person. You learn by working in practice. At PwC you literally work from day one on challenging projects. You receive guidance from your job coach. Each year you will agree a number of goals together and you determine the direction in which you want to develop. Your job coach will help you to achieve those goals and provide feedback on your performance.

The world, the playing field and the customers you work for are constantly changing. So it is only logical that you will develop in parallel and will advance using PwC's training programmes. About 500 people start every year. Learning & Development offers a culture of continuous learning, enabling you to deliver in line with the changing business needs and develop yourself. We try to personalise the training programmes as much as possible so that they fit your needs. These can be in the form of traditional training, learning in a team, learning through feedback or self-directed learning. During these training sessions, you will learn, for example, how to develop a relationship with the client, the effect of your own behaviour and how you steer discussions. You can supplement the programme with separate modules of your choice. Whatever stage you are at in your career, you take the lead in your development, with the help of all the opportunities that PwC offers.

Challenging work

You stay fresh, versatile and inquisitive when you change focus occasionally. For example, by becoming involved in a project from another part of the organisation, exploring a new area within your field of expertise, or experiencing another field of activity or PwC office. Does the idea of living or working in another country appeal to you? In several fields you also have the opportunity to hold a position abroad. If you are ready for something else, discuss the possibilities for, for example, a change to another field of activity.

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Playback of this video is not currently available

Friendly work environment

Almost 6,000 people work at PwC Netherlands with hundreds of different customs, cultures and backgrounds. There is a place in our organisation for everyone. We respect each other and promote an open and fair corporate culture. In order to optimise the cooperation, various projects have been launched to promote interaction, diversity in the organisation and the languages we use with each other.

PwC wishes to progress, look ahead, and that's why we need you. Do you want to work more at home, do you prefer to work from another PwC office or do you wish your working hours to be more flexible? Partly thanks to your smartphone and other technical tools we offer you, this is possible. Useful for avoiding traffic jams, going to the gym or doing something for yourself.

Leaders who will support my development

It goes without saying that you will have questions during your work. Or you become aware that you need more knowledge or certain skills. If this is the case, you can turn to your colleagues, your job coach and your supervisor. You can improve your performance methodically with advice from your performance coach or your supervisor. In this way, you discover where your strength lies, who you are and what you think is important. That particular personal growth is essential in addition to your talent and expertise. Particularly if you have or are aiming for a senior or management position. At PwC you are supervised by someone who has gone through that process and can therefore see things from your angle and who also understands the importance of the effort being made.

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