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If you are a member of a NED, a lot will be expected of you – by the organisation that you oversee, by employees and shareholders, politicians and society and, last but not least, by you, yourself. To best perform this role, you need to be fully prepared. This is where PwC can help you.

At our corporate governance centre we have a team of PwC professionals who have a specific focus on supervision. Our staff have knowledge and experience in areas including legal structuring, audit committees, governance reporting, (self)evaluation, remuneration and culture & conduct. 

Publications, films and supervisory round table sessions

With consideration of the practical details of a supervisory role, we regularly produce booklets that you can find in the NED. 

As a starting point for discussions with members of a supervisory board, PwC has produced its own short films, in which critical issues that members of the NED may face are of central focus, including tips on how to resolve these dilemmas.

Discussion and debate about the role of members of a supervisory board are two goals of our round table sessions with members of NED. During these meetings, we encourage you to share best practices and to acquire knowledge relating to specific, relevant and current issues facing businesses.

Board evaluation

Taking a critical view to achieve improved performance

Organisations and individuals perform better if they regularly take a critical view of their own conduct and performance. As a result the corporate governance conduct code advises at least an annual review of the supervisory and management boards, as well as its members. We can assist with both independent board evaluations and self-evaluations.

Review of culture and conduct

In addition to board evaluations and self-evaluations, PwC is also able to develop other investigative tools that support internal supervision. What, for instance, is the situation regarding culture and conduct in the organisation that you are overseeing? Our Cultural Assessment provides an understanding of the extent to which the actual organisation culture is in line with the desired culture.

´In the case of evaluations, we focus not only on the structural functioning of the supervisory and management boards. We also pay particular attention to the relational and individual aspect. After all, effective supervision and management arise as a result of positive power play between people.´

Joukje Janssen, sustainability & responsible governance partner

Board education

Practical knowledge based on training, publications, films and supervisory board meetings

The Dutch corporate governance code stipulates that members of the supervisory board must continuously focus on professional development. PwC can help you with the help of specifically geared in-house training, publications, films and supervisory board meetings.

Customised training

We can offer customised in-house training to supervisory board members. We can provide you with practical points for the supervision of your organisation. In addition to focusing on the corporate governance code, we can update your knowledge on topics such as strategy, risk management, IFRS, digitisation and sustainability.


Appropriate remuneration to recruit quality individuals

When making remuneration policy choices for the executive management board, you have to weigh up what is socially acceptable and what is required to attract senior management with specific skills. Our specialists can help you to structure a remuneration package that is competitive and comparable with the best practices of corporate governance, including pension and performance-related schemes. They can support you with the tax, legal, financial and accounting aspects as well as your accountability in the annual report.

´How can you make sure that you structure a remuneration package that represents the interests of the organisation and is in line with the risk profile? I can help you to find the answer.´

Janet Visbeen, partner reward, capability leader reward for EMEA / PwC Europe

Board processes

Devising a fixed structure to perform tasks

Members of a supervisory board  must be properly structured in order to perform their tasks. Effective supervision, with all of the necessary soft skills, must be embedded in a structure of board processes. This framework includes rules for meetings, descriptions of roles and responsibilities, and procedures for preparation, supply of information and decisions. A high-quality support office, whether or not it is shared with the executive management board, is vital for the proper implementation of these board processes. 

´Our advisors and legal experts would be pleased to support you in optimising your board processes, so that you can concentrate on your supervisory task.´

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