Debt Advisory

The financing you need to implement your strategy

The rules of the financing game have changed drastically. Banks are keeping a firm hand on the purse strings yet you need funding to implement your business strategy. And you are not alone. We anticipate that, between them, European companies will need to refinance a total of € 1.8 trillion through to the end of 2016. At the same time we also anticipate a worrying decline in bank liquidity. In other words, funding will become a critical issue. We can help you secure financing so you can continue to build your future.

Bridging the gap between entrepreneur and financier

Our background in the banking world enables us to converse with financiers in a language they understand while remaining independent. This is an asset we can use to achieve the best results on your behalf by ensuring that you have sufficient loan capital to finance your plans on the best terms. Our actions are always guided by your interests.

International (re)financing

If you operate internationally, our 90 consultants throughout Europe combine extensive experience in various forms of financing with in-depth knowledge of different business sectors and can offer you expert advice. They are part of a team of more than 1270 PwC Corporate Finance professionals who collaborate closely on all continents, pooling their knowledge of local markets and industries.

How we can help

Tell us about your ambitions and challenges and we will determine what kind of financing will suit you best. We will help you attract new financing, refinance existing debts or restructure your existing funding arrangements. How?

  • By designing a feasible financing structure that best suits your business needs
  • By diversifying across a range of debt and equity markets
  • By negotiating the terms of the financing, and
  • By assisting with the preparation of the legal documentation

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