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Publication 'Creating value through industry convergence'

Number of non-industry-specific acquisitions is increasing

The trend whereby companies are becoming active in areas that traditionally fell outside their core industry, has accelerated in recent years. This is according to the new research report from PwC - Creating Value through industry convergence, which looks into the convergence of industries, the blurring of traditional dividing lines between sectors and the creation of new value propositions. The convergence of industries is the result of the digital revolution, which has enabled the existence of, for example, FinTech and HealthTech companies.

Mergers and acquisitions are a driver of convergence

To measure the degree of convergence, the study relies on figures on mergers and acquisitions, which show that the number of companies acquiring a non-industry-specific party is increasing. Mergers and acquisitions are not the only way in which convergence occurs, but they are an important indicator. For established companies, a transaction is the fastest way to respond to (disruptive) changes in the market. Organically building new specific capabilities, business models or customer base takes much more time.


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A practical approach to strategy
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