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Delivering added value to clients and employees is what business service providers strive for.

Adding value in business and professional services

Being distinctive from the competition is the task that business service providers are constantly working on. Your aim is to offer added value to your clients in order to respond to the pressure on prices. Data analysis can help you optimize processes and work more cost-efficiently. And perhaps a merger or acquisition can strengthen your competitive position.

Being distinctive is just as necessary to involve and retain the best people. A cultural transformation can ensure that your organization has a clear purpose and lived through values - an aspect that certainly appeals to the younger generation. They prefer to alternate work flexibly and keep learning - that is important, because new knowledge and skills are indispensable to enable the digital transformation of business service providers. We are happy to help you on the following topics.

  • Strategy and execution. Your strategy is based on a clear vision of the future. Which services distinguish your company from the others? And how do you ensure that your people shape that distinction?
  • Digitization. This has both impact on your own internal processes that become more efficient with the use of digital technology. Business models also change due to the impact of current digital developments. This requires a different approach of your customers.
  • New ways of working. Digitization also has an impact on the way people work. They will have to develop new skills. How do you stimulate the employagility of your people? And how do you anticipate a possible shortage of talent?
  • Organizational culture. Because people are your most important capital, the organizational culture is decisive for achieving your goals. Does your culture stimulate behavior that leads to sustainable performance?
  • Mergers and acquisitions. They can deliver advantage of scale and cost reductions and strengthen your competitive position. Does that also apply to your situation?
  • Reward. This is both the most important cost item as well as a way to attract and stimulate the right people. Does your remuneration policy fit in with your strategy and the wishes of the people you like to attract? Do you have control over payroll taxes?
  • Legal affairs. A solid legal household is an important basis in business services. Are all your contracts in order, also in the international context? And are you taking the right measures to adequately protect the personal data of your customers and people?

How we can help you

With our team of specialists in business services, we are happy to help you answer these questions. We can help you achieve your business objectives, manage your business risks, comply with laws and regulations and make your organization more efficient. PwC has an international network and is the market leader in your sector. We would like to share our knowledge with you to help you to be distinctive.

‘Digitization is more than just technological development - it requires different skills from your employees and organizational culture where continuous change is possible. At what stage is your organization within this development?’

Rik Blokhuis, sectorleader Business & professional Services


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