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SDG Experience

In order to inspire more people around the world, the SDG Experience is going on a global tour!

Helping people to understand the urgency of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also showing them how new technology can offer solutions to major global issues. This experience highlights emerging technologies and individual actions that can be used to achieve the SDGs. The SDG Experience consists of different experiences, namely the SDG Dome, the SDG VR and the SDG Kids. It raises awareness in an innovative way and serves as a catalyst for a transformation towards a purpose-led and values-driven organisation.

The SDG Experience is an exciting and interactive way of inspiring people and organisations to take action for the SDGs. We developed the SDG Experience in cooperation with Rooftop Immersive Studio and The Ark.

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The SDG Dome

This immersive experience combines VR with a seamless 360-degree projection of the world’s biggest problems. As an organisation, you have the opportunity to bring the SDG Dome to your location. Curious about the opportunities for your organisation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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NextGen SDG Experience

To increase awareness amongst the younger generation on the SDGs and raise their enthousiasm about contributing to achieving these goals, PwC, together with Rooftop Immersive Studio and The Ark, has developed the NextGen SDG Experience.

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SDG VR Experience

The SDG Pods and VR-Only travel around the world to inspire people. Your organization now has the possibility to place these experiences at your own location and events. The content can be tailored to your own sector or other wishes.

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Media & events

Curious about publications, blogs and articles that mention the SDG Experience? Or do you want to find out more about all the places the SDG Dome and related experiences have traveled? Click here for an overview of all events and locations.

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