People value proposition

Employer image, business strategy and employee experience are closely linked

The strategy of your organisation requires specific competences of your staff and future employees. In order to recruit and retain the right people, employment conditions are key. However, the main desires of employees are not just about salary. How do you ensure that terms of employment, organisational culture and working conditions optimally match the needs of individual employees and your vision as an employer?

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People value proposition

Flexible working hours, a budget for personal development and work environment are just as much part of the People Value Proposition as salary, holidays, lease cars and a pension scheme. The organisational culture, values and purpose, in which a goal is expressed that goes beyond making a profit, is also important for attracting staff. We support you in fine-tuning all these aspects - to both your company strategy and the individual wishes of the people with whom to realise your workforce strategy.

Preferred employment conditions analysis

Satisfied employees make the best contribution to your organisation. But who values what, differs per person and changes over time. We use a preferred analysis to map the value patterns of employees. We process the results into personas with different offerings, so that balanced choices can be made. By combining the valuation of terms of employment with their costs, we provide insights in which employers can often increase employee satisfaction for the same or even a lower HR budget.

Be well, Work well

Employees who are motivated and feel good about themselves perform better, stay with the organization longer, cost less and ensure fewer organizational risks such as absenteeism and burnouts.  How can you improve the well-being of your people, while making your business more profitable?

Our wellbeing programme 'Be well, Work well contributes to a 'Sustainable workforce' which consists of employees who are physically healthy, emotionally resilient, mentally focused and spiritually connected. Personnel who add the most value in a culture in which they can thrive and be the best version of themselves. The result: an improvement in the well-being of your staff and improved performance of your organization.

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HR analytics in case of high outflow or absenteeism

We make the preferred analysis with TrueChoice's HR analytics solution. With other digital tools for people analytics, we analyse bottlenecks in the value proposition for your people. Is your organisation struggling to complete vacancies or dealing with a high outflow or absenteeism? Our data analysts use statistical methods for problem analysis. Our P&O experts then translate the outcomes into action perspectives and KPIs to monitor the outcomes.

HR transformations, vitality and lifelong learning

Our specialists will help you with large-scale HR transformations through reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions, for example. Also we provide advice on aspects such as the modernisation of pension schemes, the remuneration structure and bonus schemes. Furthermore, we make remuneration analyses to enable equal pay – ‘equal pay, fair pay’. Moreover we advise on sustainable employability of staff, wellbeing and vitality programmes, education & development and lifelong learning - because health and the right skills are decisive for job satisfaction and productivity.

How PwC can help you with your people value proposition

  • Balancing employee preferences, business strategy, organisational culture, terms of employment and HR expenditures.
  • Analyse and reverse bottlenecks such as outflow and absenteeism.
  • Integral offer of data analysis and P&O expertise, from strategy through execution.
  • Close cooperation with HR department, works council or trade union.
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