Engineering and construction

The growth in construction creates space to invest, this is important as customers demand more sustainable and innovative solutions.

The construction sector is showing growth again

The construction industry was the fastest growing sector within the Dutch economy in 2015. The housing is the engine behind the recovery and expected growth. Construction companies get through this growth again place to invest. This is important as customers increasingly demand sustainable and innovative solutions. However, this has a major impact on the way of building and construction projects. 

Engineering and construction

Key topics

  • Performance measurement is a suitable instrument for gaining insight into your financial performances and solvency. Where do you stand in terms of your competition?
  • Construction contractors operate in a project-based environment with multiple stakeholders and major risks. Do you have your risk management properly organised?
  • IFRS makes your business economic performance better comparable to that of other companies. Does your company meet this reporting standard?
  • By improving your business processes, you can improve revenue. How do you manage this improvement?
  • Perhaps your goal is to increase scale by means of a merger or takeover. What is the best possible transaction structure for you?

Our added value

PwC would like to offer you independent support when you have to make the right strategic choices or wish to achieve your goals. Our assistance is based on years of international experience in the construction industry with smaller, medium-sized and large organisations. The specialists from Assurance, Tax & HRS and Advisory work in a multi-competence structure based on a well-conceived vision and strategy. Together with you, we furnish solutions.

"To digitize your organization, you must invest in the right technologies and prepare your organization for the opportunities."

Bas Weber, director and sector leader Engineering and Construction


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