ESG (environmental, social, and governance)

Are you passionate about sustainability and do you want to transform the way businesses work? At PwC, you can really make a difference and contribute to a sustainable world.

Making the world sustainable and liveable for all is a matter of great concern – and rightly so, as there is much to be done to make this possible. PwC’s ESG team is committed to the sustainable transformation of business: big clients, big impact. And we could really use your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help us meet this challenge.

What will you do?

The ESG team supports companies in the transformation to a sustainable business model. This step is badly needed, because without a sustainable business model, a company has no future. As an ESG expert within PwC, you will therefore have an impact on the major strategic issues facing our clients. Whether you are working on setting up sustainable reporting, devising an ESG tax strategy, providing assurance relating to non-financial information or developing a fully integrated ESG strategy, your work will have an impact on the fundamental decisions a company makes.

You create momentum

That impact is the driving force behind all the work that we are doing right now and that remains to be done in the future. After all, we have only just begun and our work is far from finished. It is up to you, together with your colleagues, to communicate the value of sustainability for businesses. Are you sitting around the table with the CFO of a major player in the clothing industry? Talking about the importance of human rights is crucial, but you can also show how this is relevant to the organisation itself, to the future resilience of the company, and in this way shift the transformation into a higher gear.

All in all, as an ESG expert within PwC, you can create a huge amount of momentum. Are you ploughing through a package of regulations? Are you looking for the right metrics for a new sustainability report? Or are you assessing the ‘green value’ of a company for a potential takeover? Your work has real consequences at board level and contributes to a sustainable and liveable world.

Who are you?

We are looking for people with a real passion for sustainability. That is what binds everyone within the ESG team and being intrinsically motivated to build on this theme is therefore important to us.

We are keen to really accelerate the ESG revolution and are looking for enthusiastic people – in all kinds of areas. From accountants, controllers and consultants to subject-matter experts in fields such as biodiversity, climate, circularity and human rights. You should know exactly how to use your knowledge and expertise to create a win-win situation: making both the planet and the business world more sustainable together.

One ESG team: unique within PwC

The ESG team is a unique team within PwC, because it is active across all of our organisation’s specialisms. Instead of having numerous smaller ESG teams within tax advice, consulting and strategy, we have one big ESG team within our company that works across all disciplines.

It is a highly effective team thanks to the drive and versatility of its people. From biologist to accountant and from strategist to tax adviser, our multidisciplinary team increases our impact. We are also not afraid to take a stand and be critical towards our clients. Does a client want to go from A to B, but we believe that C is the right step forward? In that case we will speak out and take the impact as the starting point.

As part of the ESG team, you will work across disciplines and may be involved in many different areas:

ESG in strategy

Are you good at systematic thinking and interested in the impact of ESG at sectoral level? Would you like to advise our clients on how to incorporate ESG into their existing or new strategy and which choices this involves? Then this is the place for you!

ESG in consulting

ESG has an impact on the entire value chain and operations of companies. Businesses need to operate in a different way, new partnerships are emerging and consumers are demanding change. What impact does ESG have on current operations and how do you remain agile and resilient?

ESG in transactions

Advising clients on an IPO? Or identifying the impact of ESG value on an acquisition? ESG elements are a key part of the process of advising clients on transactions.

ESG in accounting and reporting

Do you have a financial background in accountancy or controlling? ESG has now become an integral part of this field of work. Whether you are setting up ESG reporting or controlling data on human rights, plastic consumption, equality or CO2 emissions, these are huge issues that call for ESG expertise. On the other hand, reports must be properly checked and good knowledge of laws and regulations is essential. Your signature has lasting value.

Viviana Voorwald, ESG Leader PwC Europe and the Netherlands, on ESG at PwC

“Everyone within the ESG team works with his or her heart. We are used to learning a trade with our head and then applying that knowledge, but for the ESG team it is all about creating impact. If our work does not make a positive contribution, we do not want to make money from it. It’s that simple. Behaviour is a crucial element of ESG. I firmly believe that you do not solve problems with tools, but with behaviour. We need to be aware of our impact on the climate, biodiversity and equality. We help our clients with this, but we are also committed to it within PwC. It starts and ends with people. Connect with your teams and your clients. Make sure a team is diverse, pay attention to well-being and keep a close eye on equality. I have been trying to challenge myself on these points more and more in recent years. I am an accountant, but I have also studied Buddhist psychology. In the end, we are all connected and giving is something that makes us happy. That’s why I want to build a great ESG team within which we work together with plenty of passion, respect and fun to help our clients make a sustainable impact. That is my ambition.”

Viviana Voorwald, ESG Leader PwC Europe and the Netherlands, on ESG at PwC

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