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Energy & Utilities

Coronacrisis - Together we can face this crisis

The impact of the corona crisis on our society and economy is becoming increasingly visible. These days, your stakeholders expect more of you than ever. Especially when it comes to the implementation of new measures and what they mean for you as an organization within the Energy and Utilities sector. We can imagine that you are looking for support to be able to act quickly and effectively. PwC has the knowledge and experience in many areas to think along and help with this. Let’s tackle the crisis together.

How can PwC help

Currently the coronacrisis presents significant challenges to people and organizations around the globe. As an organization it is important that your actions and reactions are well thought out, so that you can limit the consequences as much as possible.

Energy & Utilities

Powering a secure future

Three priorities for better cybersecurity in the power sector
In PwC’s 2021 Global Digital Trust Insights, half of the business and security/tech executives in the energy and utilities industry told us they believe that one of the pandemic’s most important legacies will be greater communication between CISOs and CEOs and/or boards. This welcome change is strengthened by a cyber strategy reset: nearly half (45%) plan on baking cybersecurity and privacy implications into business decisions and a new process for cyber budgeting.

The three priorities for better cybersecurity in the power sector are:

  1. Migrate securely to the cloud (if you haven’t already)
  2. Pivot from data protection to Data Trust
  3. Take advantage of access management success factors

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