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In today's changing world of energy and resources, we help you transform. We can advise and support you on strategy, assurance, taxation and consulting towards a sustainable future.

Energy transition: new opportunities for the future

The growing need for sustainability due to climate change and the changing regulations on renewable energy and emissions are the challenges for energy suppliers, grid operators and large consumers in the industry. But this energy transition also offers new opportunities for the future. Such as progress in alternative fuels. From (green) hydrogen to the development of new energy systems. 

To keep up with this rapidly changing environment and meet the high expectations of consumers, investors and regulators, we help you take the lead in this transformation towards reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supplies. This means reinventing business models, redefining markets, integrating sustainable technologies and delivering (new) products and services in new innovative ways.

Energietransitie: nieuwe kansen voor de toekomst

Trends & priorities

These important trends will determine the development of the energy, utilities and resources sector in the coming years: climate change, depleting resources, major shifts in the global energy mix and increasing pressure to achieve zero emissions. The energy sector can be a leader in this transition.


Companies must act now to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. The energy sector is crucial to solving these challenges and leading the way in making the transition to more sustainable energy and natural resources. PwC has the knowledge and expertise to support the challenges, major investments and innovation associated with this transition.


Trust is essential: society and industry must be able to trust that the energy sector will continue to supply energy in an affordable, reliable and sustainable way. But they also have to trust the new ways of living and working. Vehicles, power plants and other technologies that now rely on fossil fuels or other non-renewable resources will disappear.

Net zero

Renewable energy technologies are becoming increasingly affordable and efficient. A future with net zero emissions is achievable. This does mean that the energy sector, together with policymakers, research institutions, investors, and international organizations, must show leadership. PwC supports and advises in drawing up plans to achieve this.


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