Our pension system

The Netherlands has a robust pension system based on the General Old Age Pensions Act (Aow). Furthermore, 90% of workers have additional pension provisions through their work and there are individual pension schemes. The system is held in high regard throughout the world, but it is also under pressure. Lifespans increase, and markedly lower interest rates and a high degree of volatility on the capital markets are resulting in reduced returns on investment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee a pension over the long term.

Moreover, the job market is changing dramatically and adaptations to the system are being subjected to comprehensive scrutiny. Debate in society is a protracted process entailing a variety of visions, interested parties and external influences. The result will depend on such factors as politics, but would seem to be moving towards increased austerity and more individual pensions. PwC constitutes an important link within the compass of these developments and it goes without saying that we will be keeping our customers informed. Would you like to know what we can offer you? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our pension system

“It is now an accepted fact that the pension system needs to change. How and at what pace will depend on various external factors, however."

Wim Koeleman, PwC

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Risks in Pensions 2020

Risks in Pensions 2020

The Dutch pensions sector has been affected by developments that have tainted the financial stability and societal trust. The coming years remain challenging and uncertain. The victors in the pension sector will be the ones that continue to grow in their professionalization of risk management. They will plot their own course and use their adaptability to navigate between the many uncertainties.

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