Conduct Risk

Conduct Resilience

It is important for organisations to manage conduct risks, brand reputation and increased expectations from (external) stakeholders. Therefore, many organisations are looking to gain insights in (the underlying motives of) conduct of employees, to improve staff engagement and to foster the organisation’s purpose and values. The correct use of data-driven knowledge about behaviour takes the impact of culture in an organisation to a higher level and is now crucial in achieving strategic goals.

PwC helps you with insights in behavioural patterns by analysing the “say-do-gap”. We use advanced analytics. Together with you, we develop action-oriented plans to close the gap between observed patterns and desired behaviour.

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Data Integrity & Responsible Usage

Organisations have more and more data at their disposal and are increasingly acting within networks using shared data. That’s why they are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny. They are also facing moral challenges to balance the optimisation of business value and the ethical handling of data and responsible business practices. We are developing solutions for you that aim to create trust in a digital world. A world in which organisations both protect consumer data and privacy, as well as ensure the integrity of data sources.

Tax Governance & Integrity

We live in times of fundamental change. For instance when it comes to changing societal expectations regarding tax. That’s why a sustainable and transparent tax approach is needed. Tax governance enables you to adopt such an approach and helps to implement tax integrity systematically in the organisation, with transparent reporting to stakeholders. We have developed a holistic framework for tax governance. Part of this framework are the tax strategy, aligned with stakeholder expectations and the sustainable business strategy, strategic roles and responsibilities, tax risk management and transparency reporting.

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Towards a sustainable and transparent taxation strategy in times of fundamental change.

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