Central government

How are you going to make central government more effective?

Efficient organisation and supply chain partnerships

Budgetary pressure and efficiency-related objectives are having an impact on all central government departments and executive organisations like quangos. European legislation is also having an impact, as is the transfer of tasks between levels of government. But the public expects effective services, and doesn't really care for these pressures. How are you going to make central government more effective?

Effective task allocation

Obtaining better results with fewer resources – this is possible if organisations have been cleverly designed and work efficiently by, for example, implementing digital solutions. But before this can be done, one must determine whether tasks have been appropriately allocated and are being carried out as effectively as possible. Even for quangos, the first step involves analysing the organisation's efficiency and service-orientation.

Partnerships with government and private parties

Partnerships with government bodies offer opportunities because tasks can, for instance, be bundled. But private parties can be involved for more than just procurement and outsourcing purposes. Which of your public services can you fully or partly assign to private parties?


We are able to assist you

We offer services in the field of accountancy, advisory, legal, tax and HR. Today's agile society also requires an agile government. We can use our extensive experience with government departments and executive organisations to provide a critical analysis. For instance, we are very active in the domains of justice, police & security, defence, foreign affairs and infrastructure & environment.

In order to realise a more agile government structure, we will create a transition framework which addresses repositioning, vision and strategic development, as well as changes in management, financing and accountability. When it comes to social issues, we are also able to resolve and prevent (political) crises and support independent investigation commissions.

Would you like the government to deploy public and private parties so the quality of services can be improved? We can develop and monitor a comprehensive supply chain approach. We also like to offer critical insights when it comes to complicated executive programmes, evaluation of investments and creation of risk profiles. We are able to use our European PwC network.


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