Non-executive director (NED) program

Share experiences and gain new knowledge within a closed environment

In order to learn from one another, we organise a series of meetings, especially intended for Non-executive directors:

The roundtable-sessions are small and especially intended for non-executive directors of listed companies, large family businesses and large not-for-profit or public organisations. In these sessions participants have the opportunity to share confidential experiences, to acquire new knowledge and to expand their network. By means of this type of peer group learning, we aim to contribute to your and our development, as well as the quality of governance in general.

The seminars aim for a larger audience of NEDs from differents industries. Participants have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to expand their network.

Participation is by invitation only. No costs are involved.

Relevant topics

The theme of these meetings are topics that are in line with the needs of non-executive directors, in terms of: strategy, governance and culture & conduct.
Following an introduction by either an external speaker or one of our PwC professionals, there is then the opportunity for debate with the participants.

If you are a non-executive director but hasn’t received an invite yet?
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Non-executive directors

´How do members of the supervisory board remain independent of the executive management board? What questions should be asked about sustainable business practices or digitisation? And how does one assess the conduct of the executive management board in relation to the desired corporate culture? These are the type of issues that we aim to consider, candidly, with one another during supervisory board member meetings.´

Jacobina Brinkman,Partner, PwC Netherlands

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Jacobina Brinkman

Jacobina Brinkman

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)65 131 80 21

Yolanda Bröcker-van der Meer

Yolanda Bröcker-van der Meer

Sr Programma manager, PwC Netherlands

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