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Improving risk and regulatory strategies

In a volatile and uncertain world, it is certain that the risk landscape is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed at which risk events occur and the extent to which they spread. Risks that once seemed remote and improbable have become the norm. Business leaders everywhere are preparing to ‘expect the unexpected’. Organisations are looking to cultivate a new trait: resilience. They are adopting a proactive approach in order to be prepared for these changes and to be able to respond to new laws and regulations, and meet the expectations of their stakeholders. An integrated perspective on risk, regulation and compliance is key for building resilience, trust and competitive advantage.

PwC is focused on helping organisations thrive in change - not only by helping to manage their compliance requirements but also helping them stay ahead of risk and regulatory changes and navigating the course forward in times of upheaval.

Is your approach to risk fit for the world of tomorrow? Let’s create tomorrow_

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"Rethink risk, regulation and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance."


Operational Resilience

Economic, social and geopolitical megatrends, COVID-19, and a rapidly evolving technological environment, make organisations increasingly vulnerable to a wide variety of crisis situations. For instance, IT disruptions, cyber-attacks and loss of data. To continue to deliver the best customer experience, organisations need to be able to prevent and respond to operational disruptions. Operational resilience is no longer merely a building block to safeguard survival but has become a necessary and strategic capability.

With our Resilience Proposition including a scan and an accelerator, you will be able to manage risks and provide insights in uncertain times. We bring simplicity to a complex subject, improve resilience, ensure the right governance through leadership, and develop the right mindset in your people. And all based on relevant data.

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Conduct Risk

Products and services, processes and behaviours may not deliver fair outcomes for customers or society in the past, present or future. Is your organisation facing that risk? Globally, there are increased regulatory expectations as well as a change in consumer behaviour. That’s why conduct risk is increasingly a focus area at a Board and Executive level and leading firms are putting customers at the heart of business decisions and activities.

With advanced data analytics we aim to provide insight in behavioural patterns. We offer solutions that focus on integrity, in the field of tax, data and conduct and behaviour. By doing so, we create trust and transparency in an increasingly digitised world.

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Risk & Compliance Transformation

The world is evolving rapidly. There is increasing societal and regulatory pressure to transform towards a more sustainable business model. Business practices need to be adapted as new risks must be taken into account. For instance, climate and environmental risks as well as social and governance risks, but also cyber and technological risks, as well as conduct risks. This requires organisations to rethink risk. In order to remain relevant and cost effective, risk management needs to be adapted and digitised. It also needs to align with the business to enable strategy execution.

We help organisations to rethink risk, regulation and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance. And to focus on new and existing risk types that matter most. This way, we aim to ensure a beautiful future for us and the next generation. Is your organisation ready for the future?

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Financial Economic Crime

Financial economic criminality (FEC) is a serious risk for organisations. Money laundering, funding of terrorism, tax evasion and other forms of FEC can cause a lot of damage, both financial and reputation-related. Digitalisation has significantly increased the impact of financial economic criminality. Criminal activity can be more detrimental and of a much bigger magnitude when it takes place online. And the threat of FEC is greater now that your organisation is increasingly relying on digital systems. How can your organisation find an effective approach to financial economic criminality without losing sight of compliance-related costs?

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Financial Risk & Modelling

With an exponential growth in the amount of data, organisations need effective and advanced predictive risk models to help understand uncertainty and drive decision making. PwC’s risk professionals are dedicated to bringing you a combination of qualitative, quantitative, and technology skills including predictive analytics. This way, we can help you understand, quantify, forecast and manage risk more effectively. We also help you comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and support your decision-making with quantitative modelling and risk management frameworks. In addition, we also provide model validation services, support with stress testing and connecting your strategy with your risk appetite.

ESG Risk and Regulatory Management 

Sustainability is a subject rising on the agenda of organisations. Clients ask for it, legislation requires it. Moreover, society calls upon companies to contribute to a sustainable future. Banks, insurance companies, private equity and other market players are seen as a crucial factor to finance and realise the transformation to a sustainable economy. But they themselves are also subject to risks, due to deteriorating physical circumstances from for instance climate change, and due to the transition towards a more inclusive and sustainable society. We can help you to manage these risks within your risk management framework, in order to meet expectations from the supervisor and community, and to contribute to society for the next generations.

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‘There should be no contradiction between innovation and regulation. We need to innovate and at the same time remain alert to the risks involved.’

Anthony Kruizinga (Risk & Regulation)

Respond proactively to new regulation

New laws and regulations often come at inopportune times and seem to be introduced all the time. How do you deal with this as an organisation and how do you determine which regulations are important to you?

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Looking for a happy marriage

At first sight, innovation and risk avoidance don’t appear to go hand in hand. But in this day and age it’s important for there to be a marriage between these two ‘extremes’, argues Olaf Sleijpen, director of monetary affairs at De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch central bank) in conversation with cyber security expert Mary-Jo de Leeuw.

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