Customer Analytics

Improving business performance through a 360-degree customer view

The real business challenge for most companies today is to achieve a 360-degree view of the customer in order to:

  1. grow by improve customer acquisition and retention;
  2. improve margins;
  3. deliver a differentiated customer experience to stay ahead of your competitors.

Really understanding your end-to-end needs of your customer requires aggregating data from the various touch points that a customer may use to gather information, to purchase products and to receive service and support.

Improve acquisition and retention

PwC can help you to construct granular, data-driven segments by identifying repetitive behavioral patterns and gathering preferences from transactional data. We help you  to identify the right marketing and sales incentives to acquire new customers. At the same time we help you to improve your marketing effectiveness by showing the return of each campaign or action.

With advanced churn models we are able to predict which customer are likely to churn and give recommendations which actions are needed to retain this specific customer.

Improve your margin

Improving your margin starts with understanding the elements that drive gross margin. Volume and commercial prices are the most obvious margin drivers, but also cost prices, product mix and channel mic influence your margin. PwC helps their clients to find the root causes for margin variances. This can be done on total level but also on more detailed level such as: product(group), customer(group), region, channel.

Understanding the margin drivers will lead to additional analyses to take the best decisions regarding portfolio optimization, price optimization and customer strategy 

Deliver a differentiated customer experience

Improving the customer experience is the end game, but getting there requires more than data. It requires the right data, from multiple channels, integrated to give a holistic picture of the customer journey. Instead of looking at the past and reacting to issues as they arise, predictive analytics uses all of the data available to predict how consumers are likely to respond to new products or new initiatives.

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