Our Community Program

We want to contribute to society by sharing our knowledge and competencies, pro bono and during working hours, with impact-first organisations. By making our services available for them, we believe that we make the biggest impact. This approach cuts both ways: our professionals have the ability to broaden their perspective and the impact-first organisation is benefiting from the free of charge advice it receives. We believe in the power of impact-first organisations as they have an ambition to solve environmental or societal issues. It is our ambition to help them grow and professionalise. Last fiscal year we spend more than 12.000 hours on pro bono projects and reached 1.302 beneficiaries (social enterprises, NGO's and individuals).

Watch the video to see how we have supported O My Bag, Pacmed and Collectric to make an impact.

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PwC - Social Enterprises 2019

Maximising our impact

We want to maximise our impact on society to focus on the relevant theme's equal opportunities and climate within our Community Program.

With our CS initiatives we focus on supporting impact-first organisations, because we are convinced they play a crucial role in the transition to the New Economy. We select organisations or projects that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): they put solving social and environmental issues first, instead of economic growth and/or making profit.

Impact-first organisations learn from us and we learn from them

Society is calling the business community more and more urgently to contribute to solving global issues like inequality, loss of biodiversity and climate change. This is finding expression for example in the SDGs, to which we measure our impact against. Our ambition is to build trust in society and to contribute to solving important problems. We are in the process of transforming into a purpose-led and values-driven organisation. Impact-first organisations (e.g. social enterprises) are like that right from their inception, which is why they are inspiring us during this transformation process.

Contact us if you would like to know more about opportunities to work with us on making more societal impact.

Stichting What Matters 2U

We believe that supporting impact first organisations is important, even outside of work. In 2012, PwC's partners set up the What Matters 2U foundation. With What Matters 2U, we give the social organisations/projects that our colleagues work for a helping hand by making a donation.

More about Stichting What Matters 2U

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