Corporate Sustainability

The big picture: your role in society

Working for PwC as an accountant, advisor or tax specialist means you play a key role in society. Your work has a direct impact on our community and it is important that you act accordingly. Helping to solve social issues, and corporate sustainability (CS) should be an essential part of your services and working methods.

Building trust

The purpose of PwC professionals is to build trust in society and solve important problems. You are convinced that together with your clients, you can make a real difference by using your knowledge, skills and network to solve social issues. You do this in both your day-to-day duties as well as the special services you provide to your clients with regard to sustainability, population ageing and mobility.

Responsible enterprise

When joining PwC, you enter an extremely diverse working environment where both employees and clients feel right at home. The quality and integrity of our products and services is of paramount importance to you. This is an essential factor when working on vital issues such as cost-cutting, variable oil prices, population ageing and the future of healthcare. You will proactively convey PwC's vision and ethics regarding social issues, both of which are firmly embedded in our training courses and processes. In addition, your advice will also take into account short and long-term consequences for human and animal welfare and the environment, and you will discuss the social impact of your advice with your clients.

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Our Corporate Sustainability

The SDG’s are leading in PwC’s strategy. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were launched by the UN in 2015, address the most pressing global issues, such as inequality and climate change. They all call explicitly on the business world and other organizations to contribute. The SDGs are both in line with our purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems. This is why we have integrated the goals into our strategy and formulated targets and indicators to measure our contribution to achieving the SDGs. We measure our contribution to the SDGs in order to mitigate negative impacts and stimulate further positive impact. Furthermore, we aim to inspire and involve all our people to integrate the SDGs in our daily work. We have launched the SDG Experience to inspire people and organisations alike to help solve the world’s important problems in an innovative, exciting and tech-led interactive way. It is our ambition to operate fully circular by 2030. This means no waste, no emissions and maximum (re)use of products and materials. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 12 (responsible consumption and production). We have an ambitious goal and report our progress on the impact areas (Car Mobility, Air Mobility, Train Mobility, Energy, Waste and Procurement) transparently. By reporting our progress, we are accountable for our efforts.Additionally we monetise our CO2 emissions as a next step in taking responsibility for our environment. In calculating the cost of our carbon footprint, we have applied a rate of 100 euro per ton resulting in a budget of € 1.85 million for fiscal year 2018/2019. We use this money to take measures to reduce our negative environmental impact, stimulate innovations and compensate our CO2 emissions. As a PwC professional, we highly encourage that you strive to minimise CO2 emission, especially with regard to mobility and energy consumption. We provide you energy-efficient offices and you will be offered a public transport chip card. You will also be encouraged to select an electric company car as we aim to achieve a fully electric car fleet by 2025.

Social enterprises

Social enterprises combine the passion to solve a societal problem, with the power of a commercial business model: a social enterprise operates by providing goods and services in order to make the world a better, fairer and more sociable place and uses its profits primarily to achieve its social objectives. We believe that you, PwC’s clients and society can learn a lot from social enterprises. We want to support and guide our clients to become ‘impact first’ and together solve important problems in society. 

When working for PwC you are encouraged to devote working hours to pro-bono projects that impact society at large. Since 2013, we have dedicated these projects to helping social enterprises in maximizing their impact on society. We contribute our knowledge, skills and expertise. Projects can be found on PwC NL’s pro-bono platform.

In support of this, we also highlight the following: 

  • Social Enterprise NL
    We are one of the founding partners of this national platform that represents, connects and supports social entrepreneurs.

  • Social Impact Lab
    This competition for start-ups provides the three most promising social start-ups two years of guidance, accommodation and funding from PwC.

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Other initiatives

As well as these social-enterprise initiatives, PwC professionals can also focus on the following socially responsible projects:

  • What matters 2U
    Together with the What matters 2U Foundation, we recognise the voluntary efforts of employees who support good causes both during and outside working hours. If you work for PwC and you volunteer for a good cause, you are eligible to win an award and a cash prize that is donated to the charitable project that you support.

  • Giving Back
    PwC professionals can operate as mentors for the Giving Back Foundation, which helps ambitious schoolchildren and students – most of which have multicultural backgrounds – to select the right study programme, establish a successful career and build up a relevant network.