Grid Operators

Global forces impact energy grid operators

Traditional business models of energy grid operators are under great pressure due to global technological innovations and the transition to renewable energy. Renewable energy is replacing fossil fuel generation and energy grids are being transformed from a top-down centralised system into one that is much more interactive, decentralised and fragmented.

Energy grid operators are facing the potential and urgency of increasing interactivity and connections with their clients. Energy consumers of the future will have greater say in how and where their energy is generated. With this in mind, smart grids are of great importance to grid operators.

Competition for traditional grid operators is increasing because more and more households are becoming self-sufficient and because new players are entering the market with new value propositions and revenue models. However, energy grid operators can play (within the legal boundaries) an important role in this energy transition.

All of these developments mean grid operators must be increasingly agile and be able to adapt to this turbulent environment.

Onze experts kunnen u daarbij helpen

Our experts can be of service to you

Thanks to our industrial knowledge and expertise, we can offer you services such as:

  • Strategy and organisational design
    We can help your organisation to adapt to the new environment by, for example, performing strategic assessments, optimising your operational design and assisting in the organisational change process.
  • Compliance and regulation
    Because the sector is highly regulated, compliance with regulations is very important. Our specialists in national and international energy regulations can assist you.
  • Information systems
    Are your information systems ready for energy grid operations of the future? The IT systems and processes are becoming increasingly important to the energy grid operators. We can offer you support with system and network security, change implementation and business risk mitigation.
  • Sustainability
    What’s the level of your integrated reporting? We can help you to align your sustainability reporting with your corporate strategy and the needs of your stakeholders. We are also experienced when it comes to optimising internal processes aimed at integrated-reporting.
  • Deals
    Are you planning a merger or acquisition? Transactions in the energy sector tend to be highly complex, which means appropriate knowledge of the sector is critical. We have a lot of experience with deals in the energy sector. 

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