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These days, your stakeholders expect more of you than ever. Especially when it comes to the implementation of new measures and what they mean for you as an organization within the Agrifood sector. We can imagine that you are looking for support to be able to act quickly and effectively. PwC has the knowledge and experience in many areas to think along and help with this. Below you will find the names and telephone numbers of our contacts.

Enhancing trust in food is among the most complex problems that business and society must solve, but it is also one of the greatest opportunities for food companies that get it right. With our fully integrated suite of consultingtax and assurance services in food supply and integrity, we’ll build the resilience, agility and reputation of your organisation. From farm to fork, we’ve got your supply chain covered. Our global food supply and integrity services offer a total solution to enhance food security, safety and quality to give people the greatest confidence in your food. 

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Consumenten willen steeds meer weten of het eten dat zij kopen, te vertrouwen is. Klopt het als er een ‘beter leven’- of bio-etiket op een vleesproduct staat?

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Our AgriFood services give a breadth of expertise not usually combined in a service offering to address the urgent need for a fully integrated food trust assurance and consulting business. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can put our many years of experience, knowledge and relationships to work for your benefit. Together, we’ll help you give people greater trust in your food. Connect with us today.

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Our services include

Recent food fraud incidents have increased the need to protect consumers by strengthening the food industry’s ability to detect and combat fraud across supply chains. That is why PwC and SSAFE have collaborated to release a food fraud vulnerability assessment that companies can use free-of-charge to help identify vulnerabilities and reduce fraud threats. Learn more and assess your food fraud vulnerability.

We’ll help you take control by evaluating your vulnerabilities to disruptive events and support you in taking steps to enhance the resilience of your supply chain.

Proactive behaviour in vendor risk management will reduce your compliance costs, product recalls and improve consumer confidence. Our services include: risk identification, qualification and mitigation; end-to-end risk management process review, recommendations and remediation; and enhancing awareness and executive management training as it relates to food safety, quality and security.

Our working capital methodology is supported by cash management, benefits realisation and change management to ensure improvements are tangible and sustainable.

We’ll make recommendations to improve food safety and quality performance, deliver profitable results and customer confidence across your supply chain. Our services include: situation analysis, impact analysis, remedial steps and management training, food security, safety and quality related vocational training.

We’ll protect your company and its reputation by preparing for and managing crisis event situations relating to food security, safety and quality (including relevant process and controls testing, identifying remedial actions and public relations).

Efficient and progressive food safety management that goes beyond working through the regulatory requirements calls for a comprehensive approach – prevention, monitoring, traceability and information. We use technology-enabled solutions to trace products and gather evidence for compliance.

Sustainability considerations should be embedded in corporate strategy and risk planning to protect your brand and achieve sustainable growth. We’ll help you tackle risks, such as securing the resources you need, in a way that’s not only financially, socially and environmentally sustainable but also real, inclusive, responsible and lasting.

Note: This is an example of the range of services we can offer, we also have experience and expertise in areas such as internal audit, transactions, strategy, governance and accounting related issues. We connect with local client teams to deliver our global capabilities and tailor our services depending on market and client needs.


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Milo Hartendorf

Milo Hartendorf

Consumer Markets Industry Leader, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)62 299 15 98

Bert Graafsma

Bert Graafsma

Senior Director, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)62 256 64 19

Frans Gielen

Frans Gielen

Partner, PwC Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)61 211 88 41

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