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Navigating the public landscape

As the challenges for governments and the public sector get more complex and multi-dimensional, the need for integrated legal solutions becomes apparent. Climate change, the affordability of health-care and the energy transition for example, require the government and public sector to be agile and operate across various domains and competencies.The regulatory framework becomes even more complex and more and more requires not just legal expertise to navigate.

How can we help you?

With our legal solutions we aim to deliver start to finish servicing of public finance projects, from a multidisciplinary perspective, for instance in the form of new subsidy schemes, state aid notifications or public tenders. We design, build and execute public funds, public-private partnerships, or more hybrid bodies. We help health care providers to implement their digitalisation and privacy strategy, establish (regional) cooperation within the health care sector and the social/youth domain. With our services, we aim to ensure the lawful financing and structuring of the transitional challenges in the public sector in any form whatsoever.

Important strategic themes for the provision of legal services in the public domain

Energy transition

The preparations for the implementation of the Dutch Environmental and Zoning Act and the Heating Law II require both time and attention. The changes that need to be made are substantial. It is important for your organisation to adapt to the new reality. This adaptation applies to both the organisation and the execution, and must be approached from a strategic, legal, fiscal as well as financial perspective. 

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Hybrid governments

Government functions nowadays have taken a hybrid form. The government executes classic policy initiatives, but also acts as an investor and as a regular operator in the market economy. The role and instruments of the government are therefore more like those of a hybrid public-private operator. Solving societal issues has more and more become an undertaking involving joint operations that link the public and private domains. The conjunction brings legal, organisational, financial and fiscal matters together and offers possibilities to juxtapose public and private values.

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Future of healthcare

The Health & Life Sciences sector is complex. Many laws and regulations apply to innovation in healthcare. It has become increasingly more complicated to attract both qualified personnel as well as capital. The Dutch government issues ever more rules and regulations to control costs and expenditure and prevent the abuse of (decreasingly accessible) public funds. Using digital solutions, we can create a more durable healthcare system. A healthcare institution without technology has become increasingly less viable given the future of healthcare. How can you transform (digitally) within this complex and changing legal framework?

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