Sustainable decisiveness


Sustainable decisiveness:
From green promises to true transparency with CSRD

The CSRD marks a new era for companies and organisations. It makes sustainable reporting equally as important as financial reporting. The multitude of requirements in this EU directive are leading to unrest in many firms. The implementation demands reliable data, a streamlined process, knowledge of a large number of sustainability-related issues and the right technology. Leveraging on the expertise of our specialists – from human rights specialists to accountants – PwC can transform large quantities of data into useful insights that enable timely and concrete actions. Together we can make a world of difference.

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Sustainable decisiveness: Your strategic challenge is our expertise

Sustainability Reporting Manager: from chaos to overview

It can be difficult for companies to gain a clear insight into their current compliance levels. The CSRD requirements are comprehensive, complex, detailed and new; those who dive in head first may soon lose sight of the bigger picture. Our Sustainability Reporting Manager will support you in bringing detailed information from various sub-areas together while retaining a proper overview.

Like to learn more about PwC’s tooling for sustainable progress? From biodiversity to CSRD, PwC has the best solution for every challenge.

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Everything related to CSRD clearly explained by our experts

The CSRD deadline is fast approaching. What are the new challenges posed by this European directive? And what does PwC recommend? If you’re looking for support in embedding the CSRD requirements in your systems and processes, wish to know more about the essential role of data and technology, or want to understand CSRD assurance, PwC’s dedicated CSRD webcasts have the answers.

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Thought leadership

“While the CSRD is strictly speaking about reporting, its effect is far broader than that.” CSRD experts Kees-Jan de Vries and Alexander Spek explain the challenges companies are facing and what they mean in practice. From double materiality to gap analysis, from setting up data processes to acquiring ESG assurance.

Interested to know more about the status of CSRD implementation at large organisations? Check out PwC's latest research.

All about the impact of the CSRD

The ultimate power of the ecosystem

Where human ingenuity and technology come together, new perspectives emerge. This unique blend ensures the best solutions, which is why PwC’s sustainable ecosystem is so vital. Our collaborations make a big difference. PwC has strong tech alliances with the likes of Oracle, SAP, Icertis, Microsoft and Workday, and a joint business relation with system changer Metabolic. We’re also a knowledge partner to the Dutch foundation for biodiversity recovery (Stichting Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel). This is how we provide the best solutions for every organisation and company, from strategy through to execution.

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From project to process, because integrating sustainability into strategy is a long-term process.

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Transparent reporting and creating value wider than the financial result.

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Major bank

Ensuring that the entire organisation has the right knowledge and skills requires upskilling for all employees.

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CSRD and double materiality: 7 steps to progress

Undertaking a 'double materiality' assessment is mandatory under the CSRD. Which topics are most important and material for both the organisation and its stakeholders? And is the sustainability matter material from an impact viewpoint and/or from a risks and opportunities perspective? These are central questions in the compulsory double materiality prescribed by the CSRD. PwC supports companies and organisations in this assessment with a seven-step process.

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CSRD and double materiality: 7 steps to progress

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