Operational Resilience

Crisis Management & Response

More than anything else, the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the vulnerability of organisations to crisis situations. Now is the time to assess how you have responded to the crisis and to help you emerge stronger. For this purpose, PwC created multiple tools, including a Crisis Preparedness Assessment Tool and a Post COVID-19 Health Check. These tools help to assess your crisis management programme, readiness, and capabilities so that you emerge stronger from the crisis and will be well-prepared for new crisis situations.

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Cyber Risk Management 

Rapidly evolving business landscapes, which are stressed constantly due to economic and other uncertainty factors, have become the norm these days. Digital transformation activities seeking for better efficiencies and better client centricity are expected to be operationally resilient, with an expected increased level of regulatory compliance. Successful business transformations need to be secure and compliant by design. PwC helps you to integrate cyber risks into their overall risk management framework. A framework that can be transformed and rationalised if required, to produce actionable information for senior management decision making. At the same time, this results in a cost-effective level of compliance and cyber resiliency. 

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Third Party Risk Management

Third party risk management is hot and heating up, as organisations are part of an increasingly complex ecosystem consisting of a network of interlinked parties. Their challenge is to adequately manage risks associated with their third parties and ensure effective oversight of the ecosystem they are part of. PwC is working on innovative solutions that are aligned with regulatory standards and maximise the use of data and technology. These solutions help you to rapidly enhance the management of risks within your third-party ecosystem.

Do you know your supplier network, and their possible impact on your business performance?

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