Navigating the Environmental landscape

Environmental factors are increasingly important in weighing the legal implications of both governmental plans and business decisions. Energy strategies are more and more a necessary part of a public and private strategies. As climate change accelerates and the energy transition is speeding up, new EU and national regulations create both new risks and new opportunities, often with far-reaching legal impacts. The regulatory framework becomes ever more complex. Furthermore, investors, consumers and other stakeholders expect businesses to pursue sustainability, address risks such as climate change, take active part in the energy transition and commit to diversity, inclusion and equity.

How can we help you?

Our community of solvers can help guide you through this fast changing landscape. We understand our clients’ unique problems and we know what goals you need to achieve. Furthermore we;

  • Help to navigate all of our clients in this everchanging legal and regulatory framework and help you to make the right tactical choices.
  • Know how governments work and know what is important for companies.
  • Help governments in choosing the most effective legal instruments.
  • Help companies ‘doing business’ with governments and make sure how to act most effectively towards local or national governments or regulators.
  • Bring global, EU  and national law expertise to help and find solutions to new and emerging problems.
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