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Conflict analysis that turns the situation to your advantage

Modern companies often generate more electronic data than they realise. Our Forensic Technology team can help you structure and analyse your data in order to ensure that, should you be faced with a critical situation, you are able to draw on all of the information at your disposal.

Critical situations

In a critical situation you need to be able to access and analyse important data without delay. Standard IT systems often fall short in this respect. Areas in which they fail typically include:

  • Requests from authorities to disclose certain data.
  • In-house analysis of your operation in order to be able to refute allegations against your company or staff.

E-disclosure and data analysis

There are two different types of data: structured data (such as the data in a financial database) and unstructured data (such as emails, office documents and photographs). We are a tightly integrated team with advanced skills and technologies that can be used to analyse both types of data swiftly and expertly. In executing our task, we always keep one eye on your broader commercial and legal interests.

How we can help

  • We have more than 550 experts who specialise in technology, accounting and auditing, statistics and analysis.
  • We have wide-ranging experience of complex, high-profile projects.
  • We have more than 65 forensic technology laboratories in more than 35 countries.
  • We continually invest in the latest technology and software, which enables us to efficiently capture, transform, match and analyse large volumes of data.
  • Our technology is mobile, so we are able to use the same technology all over the world.

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