Forensic Technology Solutions

Preparing your data for an investigation or disclosure

In this networked economy our dependency on data continues to grow - and will do so in the future. Still, some organisations do not fully realise the extra responsibilities this brings and that data contains a lot of valuable and hidden information.

In critical situations you need to be able to access and analyse important data without delay and present relevant information in a forensically responsible and sound way.

For instance, when authorities demand to disclose certain data or when an investigation is inevitable. Sometimes allegations are made and you need a thorough data-analysis to refute them.

In order to keep the initiative, it is vital that you can present data for investigations and disclosures in the required format in time. But most office-automation software can’t deliver.

This is where we come in. Our expert teams prepare your data to be ready for any crisis situation.

We do this by efficiently capturing, transforming, matching and analysing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. We make datafiles searchable and safeguard your vital datasets in a secure environment.

We help you to be able to access and present relevant data in a crisis situation

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Tom Driehuys

Tom Driehuys

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Rinaldo Albers

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