Dispute Analysis

Unwinding your disputes

Disputes are unfortunately unavoidable in today’s business world.

Even after meticulous negotiations, contracts can lead to disputes between parties as a result of differences in interpretation. Complex management issues often need to be clarified and taken into account when resolving conflicts. 

In order to weigh pros and cons prior to proceedings or negotiations, it pays off to know all the consequences of a specific dispute.


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PwC Dispute Analysis supports businesses through management analyses, clarification of issues, or by presenting expert evidence in court or other tribunal hearings.

Our in-depth dispute analysis clarifies your legal, economic and social position in detail and enables you to take the initiative in a legal procedure or arbitration.

Our teams of lawyers, accountants, criminologists, behavioural economists and ICT-specialists, have a broad experience with local and international disputes and how to unwind them. We know what to expect in legal proceedings and arbitrations and what is needed to prepare for them. We can act as arbitrators ourselves, and assemble expert teams for all jurisdictions required.

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