Dispute Analysis

Unwinding your disputes

Disputes are unfortunately unavoidable in today’s business world.

Even after meticulous negotiations, contracts can lead to disputes between parties as a result of differences in interpretation. Complex management issues often need to be clarified and taken into account when resolving conflicts. 

In order to weigh pros and cons prior to proceedings or negotiations, it pays off to know all the consequences of a specific dispute.

PwC Dispute Analysis supports businesses through management analyses, clarification of issues, or by presenting expert evidence in court or other tribunal hearings.

Our in-depth dispute analysis clarifies your legal, economic and social position in detail and enables you to take the initiative in a legal procedure or arbitration.

Our teams of lawyers, accountants, criminologists, behavioural economists and ICT-specialists, have a broad experience with local and international disputes and how to unwind them. We know what to expect in legal proceedings and arbitrations and what is needed to prepare for them. We can act as arbitrators ourselves, and assemble expert teams for all jurisdictions required.

Damage due to Covid-19

Many companies suffer damages due to the current Covid-19 crisis. They are facing the question of how to recover their damages, either fully or partially, or alternatively how to spread the losses among the parties involved. In order to be able to answer this question, insight into the possible extent of the damages is essential.

Information on Covid-19 damages

It is important to collect the relevant information about the extent of the damages as well as the relation with the Covid-19 crisis as soon as possible to prevent the information from being no longer available or (more) difficult to retrieve. This also applies to information about actions taken to limit or mitigate damages and the related costs and revenues, if any.

Dispute resolution Covid-19

Of course, the preferred option would be to come to a mutually agreed resolution with the other companies involved regarding the distribution of losses suffered – also to avoid extensive legal costs. If this is not possible, you may choose to start legal proceedings, arbitration or mediation. Another option, which may be interesting in the current circumstances, is binding advice.

We can help you (and your lawyer) to:

  • provide insight into the available information and make an initial calculation of your damages. This initial calculation will enable you to determine what your next steps will be;
  • ubstantiate your position in relation to the damages suffered in a way that makes clear to all parties involved how the calculation of damages was determined;
  • provide binding advice. In this case, you and the other party (or parties) involved put your dispute to the experts of PwC. Parties jointly determine the process to be followed as well as the criteria to be used and the principles for calculating and distributing damages. PwC then rules on the matters in dispute, which is binding on all parties. 

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