Dispute Analysis

Conflict analysis that turns the situation to your advantage

In the world of business disputes are sometimes unavoidable. You may be faced with lawsuits filed by contract partners, third parties or regulators. In situations such as these, astute analysis of the business consequences of a dispute can be very important. We can analyse the consequences for you and present our findings both locally and internationally. Among other things, we are able to draw on our experience of acting as an arbitrator or third party charged with issuing a binding ruling. We can also act at (arbitration) hearings if required.

Our team

Our team consists of finance, accounting, economics and IT experts who work in close collaboration with you. We have in-depth experience of arbitration and legal proceedings in local and international disputes. Our global knowledge network enables us to quickly assemble an expert team in the Netherlands and other countries.

How we can help

  • Expert advice on financial aspects of complex commercial disputes
  • Analysis of losses incurred
  • Analysis of delays in the implementation of projects
  • Analysis of post-acquisition disputes

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