Mergers and acquisitions

The right transaction party, the best way of financing

Business services providers operate in a rapidly changing market environment that is becoming increasingly international and digital. Mergers and acquisitions are therefore becoming more and more cross-border or cross-sector, and increasingly complex. What steps will you take before, during and after a merger or acquisition process?

What are your best opportunities?

Perhaps you would like to strengthen your market position or increase your geographical coverage. Alternatively, you want to broaden your range of services, acquire specialist knowledge or increase your innovative power. There can be all kinds of reasons to expand (internationally) or to divest business activities.

Whatever your reasons are, you will be confronted with questions such as: in which business services segments are the best opportunities.? Which merger or acquisition candidates are relevant? And how do you determine the right conditions and financing structure?

How we can help you

The professionals at PwC Corporate Finance work closely together across all continents. Our people have the right expertise to help you at every stage of a merger or acquisition process. We combine market knowledge with international transaction experience.  This enables us to support you in making the best decisions and maximizing the value of your deal. And as an independent party, we can help you obtain (transaction) financing on the best terms as well.

Wondering what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us to exchange ideas.

‘We are happy to support you in realizing the best transaction in a complex and changing market.’

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