Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

In the world of investment we often talked about 'ESG' instead of 'sustainability'. This abbreviation stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. It means that factors such as energy, climate, availability of raw materials, health, safety and good corporate governance are taken into account in the selection and management of holdings in companies.

Where companies in this area have correct capacity, private equity ideally suited to exploit these opportunities while making a positive contribution to society, not only profit, but also to people and planet. The entire investment process - from selection to exit - provides opportunities for sustainability.

ESG stands for finding a balance between financial returns, transparency, social interests and the environment without losing the balance there between. Contrary to popular belief, it appears that this balance leads to better results for both the company and society. There is a broad consensus that ESG objectives ultimately create value for portfolio companies, both from a risk and value creation.

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