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About April 2018

Cooperation requires thinking and dreaming big

At most companies, innovation is now firmly on the agenda. The way in which they come to innovative changes, however, often remains a problem. For example, they know that collaboration with different parties is important. But how do you find them?

In the new About, Rinke Zonneveld - director of InnovationQuarter, the development

company for the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland - gives some tips. Collaboration with a view to finding innovative solutions to tough problems is, according to him, “difficult and requires a lot of energy and effort. Collaboration requires thinking and dreaming big. You need to have an ambition that appeals. It takes time and it’s frustrating, but ultimately the result is better.”

Innovation guru Carlos Torres is also talking about cooperation. "Co-creation is a prerequisite for the success of the digital transformation." Torres describes innovation as a process which is primarily about coming up with ideas and a problem definition, followed by a value proposition and only then the actual solution.

Vanderlande and Smart Robotics show that cooperation in the form of an alliance works well. The first - a global player in logistical process automation - ultimately opted not to take over the start-up. CFO Herman Molenaar is 'super happy' afterwards. Through an acquisition, the soul was pulled out of Smart Robotics, both parties now realize.

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