Workforce Strategy

Develop your future dream team

A new world calls for new skills. Companies and organisations are changing faster than ever before. They are digitizing the business and automating operations to avoid bumps in the road or to penetrate new markets. A changing business strategy demands new skills of your employees. What does your future organisation look like? What skills do your employees need? And how do you transform your current workforce into the dream team of tomorrow?

Workforce strategy

We help you to develop and implement a workforce strategy that is in line with your organisational strategy. That's how we lay the foundation for your people value proposition. What are your future tasks and processes? To what extent are they automated with technologies such as Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Or what influence has a changing economy, legislation or social changes such as the energy transition on your business operations? We consider the skills your employees need, their current skills and the gap between them: the skills gap.

Strategic workforce planning

To bridge the skills gap we design a strategic workforce plan based on your workforce's skills and development potential. We analyse which people you can upskill, which people you want to hire and who you will eventually need to separate from. We can also identify the optimal balance between permanent and flexible employees and the alternatives for cooperation with other organisations to meet your capacity requirements.

Intelligent Rightsizing

As the effects of COVID-19 become more visible and the "new normal" is being adopted, we see that one of the biggest challenges for organizations is optimal personnel deployment combined with cost control.

Even though there are government measures, you should also anticipate the 'new standard' and what that exactly means. How do you manage to open your doors with the least possible dismissal of personnel? And does your current staff actually still fit your business continuity after the crisis? As an organization, you are faced with challenges of making the right (crisis) decisions in which adherence to the purpose, values ​​and culture of your organization is key. At the same time, promises to the stakeholder and fear of reputational damage play a role.

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HR analytics and digital tools

Our HR consultants and data analysts use various HR tools to quantify the skills and development potential of your people with people analytics. Examples include tools that assess capabilities based on language use. We use serious games to identify skills and artificial intelligence to combine internal and external data sources to provide an insight into your organisation's future tasks.

Reskilling and upskilling across the boundaries of your organisation

Developing the skills of the future means reskilling and upskilling employees. Re- and upskilling trainings are made more efficient when companies and public institutions exchange employees based on the required skills. PwC has an international track record in bringing together private and public sector parties to optimally develop skills in a given region.

How PwC can help you with your workforce strategy

  • Develop a workforce strategy to create and retain your future dream team.
  • Set up strategic personnel planning to fill your skills gap, based on quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  • Organise reskilling and upskilling in your organisation and in your region.
  • Support from strategy to implementation by deploying experienced HR specialists, strategy consultants, data scientists and change specialists.

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