We entered into partnerships with several societal organisations in the fields of social entrepreneurship, responsible business, environment and community. What we have in common with these organisations is the ambition to make an impact on society. With our partners we share knowledge, expertise and competencies, and we also learn from them.

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Partnership PwC Netherlands & Social Enterprise NL

Wineke Haagsma, Stefan Panhuijsen (Social Enterprise NL) and Bert van Son (MUD Jeans) on the value of social enterprises and the collaboration with PwC.

Social enterprises

Social Enterprise NL

We are one of the founding partners of Social Enterprise NL, and we have extended our partnership again. Social Enterprise NL is a nationwide platform which unifies and represents social enterprises, shares knowledge and works on acknowledgement and recognition.

Social enterprises are an important pillar in the transition to the Impact Economy. They take the lead and show that it is possible. We are proud that we can accelerate this movement through the collaboration with Social Enterprise NL.

Social Enterprise NL is very much looking forward to the coming years to make even more impact together with PwC. Mark Hillen of Social Enterprise NL: “Over the past 9 years, PwC has shown that it is of great added value to the development of the social enterprise movement, both through direct support to entrepreneurs and through ecosystem-enhancing initiatives such as research into the relationship between municipalities and social enterprises. We are therefore very proud and grateful that we can extend this collaboration.”

One of the initiatives of Social Enterprise NL is the development of the Social Entrepreneurship Code that aims to enhance the acknowledgement and recognition of social enterprises towards customers, financiers and other business partners. We were involved in the realisation of this code and we perform assessments to ascertain if social enterprises qualify for the Code in order to be entered in the register that is linked to the Code.

Buy Social

We are partner of Buy Social. This network advises organisations who want to purchase products or services from social enterprises.

Nyenrode Business University

PwC is conducting research together with Nyenrode on the social enterprise sector and ecosystems. 

Code Social Enterprises

The Code makes entrepreneurs who are included in the Register recognisable as social entrepreneurs and thus offers everyone - from consumers to government and from employees to investors - a reliable means of verification. A company is included in the Register if it complies with the five principles, including impact first, and is therefore a social enterprise.

The Code was developed at the initiative of Social Enterprise NL. We were involved in the development of this code and are assisting entrepreneurs in the application process to meet the requirements of the code and thus be able to join the Register.

Curriculum Social Entrepreneurship & University of Utrecht

PwC contributes to the training of the Social Entrepreneurship Course and the Advanced Program.


Stérk.Brabant supports initiatives in Brabant with a social impact in order to be of lasting value. PwC offers social enterprises affiliated with Sterk.Brabant support in setting up internal procedures, financial business cases and financial statements, among other things. PwC also facilitates various presentations and training sessions.

Impact Noord

Impact Noord is the association for impact entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands. They organise activities, increase the network and visibility of the members and bring knowledge, expertise and experience together. PwC offers social enterprises affiliated with Impact Noord support in setting up internal procedures, financial business-cases and financial statements, among other things. PwC also facilitates various presentations and training sessions.

Responsible business

MVO Nederland

We are a partner of the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that supports corporate social responsibility by developing and sharing knowledge regarding the circular economy and sustainable development.

SDG NL Action Day

PwC is a proud sponsoring partner of the annual SDG Action Day. This event is recognised as one of the major national events related to the SDGs. Every year great speakers enter the stage and interesting workshops are held. PwC is a sponsor of this event and facilitates one of the workshops. 

Chair/Professorship in Management Education for Sustainability

The Chair/Professorship in Management Education for Sustainability aims to develop new knowledge and ideas about the state of, strategies for and visions about management education for sustainability and apply and share the insights within the educational and the business sector. It contributes to the process of a sustainable transformation by enabling the education of a new generation of leaders for businesses that are willing to lead this process.


Working group Fly Different

As an international company we see the importance of contributing to the debate on the future of air travel. We are chairing the working group Anders Vliegen (Fly Different) in the coalition Anders Reizen (Travel Different). This is a network of large companies working together to make their business travel more sustainable. We encourage other organisations to follow our example in doing what we can to reduce emissions from air travel.


We have concluded a five-year contract with SkyNRG for the purchase of biokerosene. This sustainable kerosene's carbon emissions are up to eighty-five percent lower than conventional kerosene. By guaranteeing major purchases we are contributing to the construction of the first biofuel plant for aircraft in Europe, which will be near Delfzijl.


Giving Back

Giving Back supports ambitious school pupils and students, mainly from non-western migration origin, with their study and career choice. We offer these students part-time jobs and we provide coaches for them.

Johan Cruyff Foundation

PwC's involvement started in the year of 2000. We support the Foundation with our expertise, particularly in the field of administration and fiscal issues (VAT, gift and inheritance tax). The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children all over the world, focusing on vulnerable children.


PwC is one of the strategic partners of Cross-mentoring, an initiative of, among others, the Dutch General Association of School Leaders (Algemene Vereniging Schoolleiders). In the programme, primary school principals are paired with a business leader to learn from each other on the basis of equality and reciprocity. With this public-private programme we strengthen the foundations of our society and we work together to solve social challenges that affect the development of future generations. Cross-mentoring creates an active network in which schools, companies and other organisations can more easily find and help each other.

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