Safeguarding your investigations

Fraud can happen to anybody anytime, and the damage done often turns out to be greater than anticipated.

This makes a fraud investigation a highly delicate matter that should be conducted with utmost care, resilience, and integrity. In order to restore confidence and allow the evidence to stand in legal proceedings, the methods and techniques used must meet the highest standards in the business. The same goes for the professional preparation of the investigators.

To safeguard this, all of our investigations are conducted under supervision of forensic accountants in accordance with the Standard for Forensic Investigations₁ by the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA). Through our access to PwC global network, we carry out cross-border investigations according with the locally applicable standards.

In addition, we adopt a balanced approach that focuses on finding the best solution.

We use our professional intuition, and knowhow of both criminal and forensic investigations, to reconstruct what actually happened and why. We apply data science and technology to trace and analyse digital footprints and to uncover the truth. We help you reduce the risks and control the consequences by training your staff to recognise fraud signals earlier, based on the lessons learned.

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Christine Manders

Christine Manders

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Michel Veldhuis

Senior Manager, PwC Netherlands

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