Reducing the risks and controlling the consequences

Fraud is not simply a matter of bad luck. There is always a chance that your business might be the victim of fraud. The amounts lost to fraud can be considerable and the related reputation risks are very real. We can help you reduce the risks of fraud and control the consequences.

Adverse conditions

The decision to rationalise internal control departments in an attempt to reduce costs can increase the risk of fraud. Balance in the structure of internal control departments is essential in order to maintain checks and balances and reduce the risk of fraud.

In addressing fraud it is important to adopt a balanced approach that focuses on finding an appropriate solution.


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Difficult questions that require quick answers

If fraud has been committed within your company, you will be faced with many difficult questions that require quick answers:

  • What is the extent of the fraud?
  • Who were the persons involved?
  • Should you suspend or dismiss the persons involved?
  • Can you recover (part of) the loss?
  • What made the perpetration of fraud possible?
  • Do you need to secure your digital data?
  • How do you inform the regulators? When do you need to do this? And what information do you need to disclose?
  • Do you need to involve the police?  Or can you handle the matter yourself?
  • How do you minimise the damage to your reputation?
  • How do you go about informing your employees and third parties?
  • What can you do to prevent this from happening again?

How we can help

We can advise and assist you in answering the questions listed above, which will considerably increase your chances of successfully containing and resolving the fraud. The ways in which we achieve this include the use of advanced technology to secure and systematically examine computer data (often even if data has since been deleted). Our investigations are conducted in accordance with the ‘Praktijkhandreiking persoonsgerichte onderzoeken’ [Guidelines on how to conduct Personal Investigations] published (in Dutch) by the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA).

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