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Transformed HR function, ready for the future

Transforming companies and organizations are responding to a changing future. They will work more agile, digitalize services, enter other markets and regions or grow via a merger or acquisition. In order for these changes to succeed, the HR function changes along. HR managers want to optimise the costs of their department, increase productivity and manage risks related to fraud, reputation and compliance. How do you ensure that your HR function is ready for the future of your business?

Improve the people experience

The experience of (future) employees is the result of your HR function. We help you to optimise that employee experience. What are the moments that matter in recruitment, onboarding, assessment and separation? We implement technology to make a difference at those moments, such as an onboarding chatbot, and we implement digital HR tools with which managers and employees can arrange their own HR matters. We also help you to create a forward-looking organisational culture that encourages employee engagement, productivity and innovation.

Cost benchmark and structural savings

To get a relative insight into your cost level, we can benchmark your HR organisation with those of comparable companies. We give advice on ways to structurally reduce your costs and help you implement measures. Such as moving activities to a shared service centre, the deployment of technological resources or an organisational change to your target operating model (TOM).

HR Target Operating Model for maximum effectiveness

When redesigning your TOM, we analyse which model fits the goals of the business and the improvement of your employee experience best. We look at the design of reporting lines, business partners, centres of excellence, recruitment vendors and HR services at regional and central level. Which organisational model will best support the productivity and effectiveness of your HR function?

Technology for efficiency and risk management

Our HR transformation experts know the latest IT solutions to improve your productivity. We optimize your processes and systems by implementing HR cloud solutions from Workday, Oracle or SAP, among others. With people analytics, we provide you with structural insight into KPIs for HR that allow you to further sharpen your processes. And we support you with the implementation of technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make processes more efficient and minimize risks.

Enable the workforce strategy

A modern HR function with agile processes and supported by HR tools, gives room to a workforce strategy. With the competences you want to have in the future, we build a strategic personnel planning. In this way, we lay the foundation for your people value proposition and your processes for upskilling and recruitment - we can also support you in modernising those processes.

Payroll function that suits your organisation

Which payroll strategy best suits your organisational goals? Is outsourcing or insourcing the most suitable? We advise you on payroll systems, select providers and support the implementation.

HR transformation: how PwC can help you

  • Starting now - the future of work has already begun. We'll get you up to speed.
  • Dynamic organization - we help you plan for a dynamic rather than a static future.
  • Big steps - don't be limited by your starting point. We make the steps as big as necessary.
  • Automation is HR - digital technology touches every facet of your business and your people. We don't leave the subject entirely to the IT department.
  • Protect people, not jobs - there's no way technology can make certain jobs obsolete. We help you to take responsibility for your people, by organising adaptability and retraining.
  • Tell a clear story - a third of employees are worried about the automated future. We support you in building a clear vision of the future in which your people can contribute confidently.
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