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Coming through the crisis stronger than before: five key priorities for assetmanagers

As the road out of lockdown opens, asset and wealth managers are turning their strategic focus to how to compete in the much-changed marketplace emerging from the crisis. The markets may be challenging, but there's more scope for innovation, differentiation and winning new business. How can you put your organisation in the strongest position to succeed?

The report "Leading out of lockdown" outlines five key priorities asset and wealth managers should focus on. Some of these actions reflect today’s unique circumstances. Others should already be part of your growth strategy. COVID-19 has made implementing all of them more urgent.

Five priorities:

  1. Zero in on the customer
  2. Optimise productivity for the return to work
  3. Accelerate digital transformation
  4. Prepare your workforce for the new world
  5. Ensure that your capabilities match your strategic ambitions

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