Housing corporations in control

How can you, as corporation manager, remain in control during complex transformations?

Strategic choices in a new climate

The new climate in which housing corporations operate is subject to major legislation changes in the backdrop of economic uncertainty and megatrends like energy-related transition and demographic change. These developments are having a direct impact on corporations and their tenants. The introduction of new laws and regulations means housing corporations must reform their core tasks in society, while seeing their funding shrink further.

How can you, as corporation manager, remain in control during complex transformations?

Strategy for social added value

To realise your objectives, you will need a strategic plan based on your vision and the needs of your surroundings, whereby a pragmatic approach is also adopted to asset management. The energy-related transition, demographic change and the legally stipulated focus on core activities, all require organisations which are in control when realising their strategies. Therefore, it is essential for your financial position to be compatible with your strategy. In this case, themes such as outsourcing and effective procurement are very important.

Your strategy must be translated into measurable objectives for your real estate and project portfolios. Do you know how you are going to proceed with your non-Daeb activities? The size of your organisation will also play an important role, which means a merger or partnerships for Daeb-related activities may be necessary. And creating result-based innovations together with other organisations could have a positive impact on your organisation as well as the sector as a whole.

How we can help you

We can use our long-standing experience with housing corporations, and our good relationship with external stakeholders, to help you to remain in control. We will work with you on a clear strategy and effective risk management, while focusing on e.g. taxes (tax planning) and IT – how do your systems fare? Are you exploiting the possibilities offered by ‘big data’? Are you able to create harmony between all the information flows in your business?

We are familiar with laws and regulations and, besides legal compliance, also offer assurance for your non-financial figures, processes, systems and the overall quality of your organisation. We also offer advice about partnerships and mergers. We will serve as a critical discussion partner and help you to construct a housing corporation capable of dealing with the challenges of the future.

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