Be yourself. Be different.

PwC strives to achieve an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity. Inclusive means that everyone feels involved and valued – not in spite of but thanks to their differences.

Why diversity & inclusion?

The success of our organisation fully depends on the quality and diversity of our employees. Surprising insights and innovative and unconventional solutions for our customers stem from a mix of views, cultures, knowledge and experiences. At PwC, we want to acknowledge and appreciate those differences. Which is why diversity is one of our strategic focal points.

That attention creates space for varied abilities and perspectives, and is something we need to resolve customers’ problems and build on trust. Because just like the megatrends that are changing the world, our customers’ environment is rarely clear-cut. Threats or opportunities? It depends on how you look at it. We value our employees’ diversity, in terms of both backgrounds and focus areas, simply because it results in the best solutions.


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Our approach to diversity & inclusion

To ensure that everyone within PwC is able to develop his or her various abilities, we encourage an inclusive culture in which all colleagues feel involved. Diversity & inclusion has now been strategically interwoven in all levels of the organisation at PwC. Within PwC, we consider diversity as the basis for the excellent services we provide. Appreciating another person’s abilities with an open mind hasn’t been plain sailing all the time. Which is why, since the beginning of the millennium, we have been pursuing specific policy in order to strengthen an inclusive culture. Our mission is therefore: “To create an inclusive culture, a culture in which all professionals are involved and feel involved by making optimal use of and developing various abilities.”

Each PwC employee plays a part in this mission. The values that we as an organisation have established help us to achieve this by determining who we are, what we believe in and how we conduct ourselves. Read more about our values act with integrity, make a difference, care, reimagine the possible and work together, and how we ensure to act in a values-driven manner in the relationship with customers and colleagues.

If you want to read more about our approach and our best practices, read our publication The PwC Diversity & Inclusion Journey, in which we have bundled together our experiences from the first 12 years.

Invisible Heroes

In 2016, PwC launched the Invisible Hero campaign. Invisible heroes are our colleagues who fulfil crucial roles in teams, but who don’t do so directly in the spotlight. We know all of them, the team players who symbolise the power of diversity or are able to express it in others. They are our silent forces who are vital within the organisation. Because they sometimes put themselves in the spotlight a little less than other people might do, this campaign will give them the appreciation and recognition they deserve.

Be inspired and view the short videos of the invisible heroes and discover how they play their part in creating an inclusive organisation.


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