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We think it’s important that everyone can be themselves within our organisation. To encourage that, we have the Shine network: the PwC network for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and all colleagues, customers and contacts who actively want to contribute to a working environment in which everyone’s sexual orientation is accepted. One of the ways of publicising this objective is our participation in the annual Canal Parade. Since 2016 we have our own boat around the theme Be Yourself @ Work.

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Be Yourself @ Work.

Shine Network

Shine is our LGBTIQ+ diversity network. The name It reflects our vision of creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace atmosphere for our LGBTIQ+ colleagues. With Shine, our LGBTIQ+ people shine the light on the important issues that impact our diverse community. Every day, they bring their authentic selves to PwC and work hard to continue building trust in society, to make the workplace and our culture stronger, To create brighter opportunities that let each and every one of us truly shine.

Coming out 

For National Coming Out Day we asked several colleagues how it is to come out privately and or at work. Every coming out story is unique. In this video, three colleagues share their personal coming-out story.

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Our employment conditions are more inclusive for multi-parent (rainbow) families and the take-up of transitional leave

Unfortunately, with various family forms, the actual situation is not (or only after a long time) the same as the legal situation. This mainly concerns rainbow families, but also other families (e.g. adoption after surrogacy).

As a result, parents who in fact care for a child (but who are not/not yet the official legal parent), are not eligible for provisions such as partner leave, parental leave, care leave, calamity leave, etc., at times when they are needed. Officially, you don't get leave in such a situation.

Companies can do something about this themselves. PwC is now also doing this. Following in the footsteps of only a few other companies, we are adjusting our conditions of employment as of 1 October. We're giving parents who work for us and who officially are not entitled to maternity leave because of their family structure the same leave.  

In addition, after consultation with Transgender Netwerk Nederland, we are also including a transition leave scheme. And with that we remove it from sick leave.

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