A new future for banking

A new future for banking

The introduction of Payment Services (PSD2) from 19 February 2019 will lead to major changes for European banks and payment operators. PSD2 lays the groundwork for open banking, in which third parties are granted access to banks' customer details and infrastructure.

PSD2 will lower the barriers to entry for third-party providers such as FinTechs, and will encourage the development of new business models. For financial organisations within the EU, this means that substantial changes must be implemented.

This is why PwC has a European PSD2 team. This multidisciplinary team of leading experts can help you assess the consequences of PSD2, to design the best solutions and to implement them efficiently and effectively. We want to help our customers analyse the challenges, and to identify the opportunities offered by PSD2.


Are you asking the right questions about PSD2?

PSD2 leads to a number of challenges in the strategic, technological, operational and legal fields. Important questions to ask:

  • Have you carried out a thorough impact assessment, which examines your strategy, products, operations, IT, legal position, compliance and global footprint?
  • Do you know how to deal with PSD2 in each local market, while maintaining your overall strategic approach?
  • Is there a good balance between flexibility and involving all relevant parties in your PSD2 project organisation? 
  • How can you find the balance between PSD2 compliance and harnessing the strategic opportunities offered by PSD2?
  • Have you explored the possibilities of developing innovative solutions and new services?
  • How can you benefit from the increased availability of data and open infrastructures?
  • Have you considered possible partnerships with FinTechs and third-party providers (TPP) to create new business solutions?


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