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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a security and business discipline that includes multiple technologies and processes to help the right people or machines access the right assets at the right time for the right reasons, while keeping unauthorised access and fraud at bay.

We are PwC’s Digital Identity team and we will leverage on over 20 years of experience in the field to help you conduct your IAM programs and assess, design, implement and operate your desired IAM solutions. We will work closely with you to help mitigate risks and ensure business continuity, compliance and enhanced productivity. Together we will Make Identity Matter!

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Customer Identity & Access Management

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) enables organisations to securely capture and manage all sources and forms of customer identity and profile data across all channels and products in a secure and compliant way.

Demand for customer identity and access management (CIAM) has increased significantly in recent years due to its importance in the convergence of user experience (UX), security and privacy. Businesses can use CIAM to enable a consistent view of all types of external identities and increase customer engagement and loyalty while maintaining security and ensuring privacy compliance.

CIAM also gives customers greater control over their own identity information along with the ability to make changes to their security, privacy and personalisation settings. This results in product use with lower friction , simplified logins (including social) and a faster time-to-service.

As the new public face of any company, CIAM drives revenue growth by leveraging on identity data to acquire and retain customers. Customer on-boarding, progressive profiling, social integrations, strong authentication, self-service, help desk functions and delegated administration & scalability are other key characteristics of any CIAM-powered infrastructure.

Your ideal CIAM tool should include the ability to ensure a secure, intuitive customer experience which leads to deeper customer engagement.

Workforce Identity & Access Management

Managing user identities and access is critical for every organisation in today's digital world. Increasing cyber threats make it essential to ensure that employees, contractors and third parties have secure access to company resources while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate data.

Workforce Identity & Access Management (WIAM) is the process of creating, maintaining, and managing digital identities as well as regulating the access of employees, contractors, partners, and things to ensure comprehensive security and effective operational control.

Workforce IAM capabilities are designed to ensure that identities are secure, compliant and consistent across different applications, systems and platforms while helping businesses become agile, safeguard themselves against data breaches and comply with privacy regulations.

Your ideal Workforce IAM tool should include the ability to ensure a secure and frictionless experience so users can be productive in their day-to-day operations.

Privileged Access Management

‘Privileged access’ is a term used to designate special access or abilities above and beyond that of a standard user. Privileged Access Management (PAM) allows organisations to secure their infrastructure and applications, run business efficiently and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data and critical infrastructure by managing privileged access for people (system administrators and others) and machines (systems or applications).

As such, PAM helps protect companies against cyberthreats by monitoring, detecting and preventing unauthorised privileged access to critical resources.

We distinct between four different categories of PAM capabilities:

  1. Privileged account and session management: vaulting of privileged account credentials and session management for privileged users.
  2. Privilege elevation and delegation management: host-based agents that provide commands; filtering and privilege elevation for users on different platforms.
  3. Secrets management: offering a specialised vault focused on managing credentials for software and workloads.
  4. Cloud infrastructure entitlement management: management of entitlements used in cloud service provider infrastructures.

Your ideal PAM tool should enable you to execute a zero-trust security strategy that uses identity-driven controls for both on-prem and cloud infrastructures.

Provide great experiences to all customers by leveraging the power of Customer IAM

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, customer experience has emerged as a market differentiator, especially within the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain.

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