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Your online customers expect solid identity and access management and maximum ease of use

Old school brick and mortar businesses are going online often with promising results. However, at the same time end-user exposure to security threats is growing and enterprises are increasingly breached. Effective identity and access management (IAM) is becoming a key element in mitigating business risks and safeguarding the continuity of companies.

PwC provides best-in-class solutions for all the IAM-related challenges of your online business, such as: secure transactions, personalised engagement, seamless customer experiences, trusted access, smart authentication and cost efficient access risk management. 

With the help of BriqBank, a fictitious bank based on the Lego principle, we show you how digital identity can improve the interaction with your customers.

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Secure transactions

Secure transactions

End-user exposure to security threats is growing and enterprises are increasingly breached. This threatens online business growth and requires identity solutions that are able to provide strong security while ensuring ease of use and low threshold access.

Personalised engagement

Providing customers with an experience that’s not just secure but also personalised to their preferences is key to driving loyalty and revenue growth. Identity solutions that create a 360 degrees customer profile and can do so company-wide and in real-time enable the desired individualised service.

Seamless customer experiences

Most executives cite improving the customer experience as a priority in today’s modern world. However, before being able to implement identity solutions hurdles have to be taken such as organizational silos and lack of senior management vision. Addressing vision, organization and processes and as such enabling businesses effectively will lead to the right identity solutions and seamless customer experiences.

Trusted access

Customers expect all is properly protected that is exchanged online. For consumers this is all about personal data. For enterprises these are the transactions and business sensitive data. Complying with law and regulations, preventing fraud and protecting intellectual property and personal data, is what is to be expected from trusted access.

Seamless customer experiences
Smart authentication

Smart authentication

Organisations, their employees, clients or prospects all want the same: providing or gaining access to corporate or personal data to only the right person with the right information access privileges, no matter which device is used and in a secure and efficient way. Smart authentication addresses both the user experience and the desired security level.

Cost efficient access risk management

For enterprises, controlling risk, associated with access to information and business applications, is fundamental to protect intellectual property, prevent fraud and achieve regulatory compliance. This however becomes increasingly hard to do in a cost efficient manner with cross-organisational collaboration in business processes increasing, and a more volatile business application landscape transitioning to the cloud. Our identity solutions support efficient management of access related risk, through automated access reviews and segregation of duties monitoring across business applications and processes.

IAM DevOps as-a-Service

Is your Identity and Access Management fit for growth?

The world is turning to digital by default and online business models are rapidly being introduced. Organisations need to deliver new products and services quicker while increasingly being exposed to security risks and becoming victims of cyber crime. In addition, the array of new laws and regulations is causing a heightened compliance risk.

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