Responding effectively to technological and also organisational changes

CFOs need to be prepared and respond faster than ever before to support changing business requirements as much as possible. Doing so demands immediately available state-of-the-art knowhow and flexibility, as well as the courage to depart from the beaten track and explore new possibilities. CFOs have to acquire new knowledge and new skills – technical and digital – to enable their organisation to respond effectively to changes by means of process improvements and target operating models. In the work of the financial professional, transaction processing, for example, can be made infinitely more efficient by means of robotics, cloud ERP systems, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. But before the financial professional can get down to work with robotics, cloud computing, or data analytics – and before the new system can function and perform at its best – all the data and processes must be standardised.

Integrated Finance

Whether you are or aspire to be a CFO 2.0, the need to shift from scorekeeper to performance driver for your business has never been stronger. You’re expected to be future fit and step beyond traditional finance setup and capabilities; delivering on your organisation’s strategy as a business partner. Integrated Finance Managed Services enables you to meet this challenge; transforming your finance function and pairing it with industry leading expertise and technology.

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Data Analytics

Organisations have enormous quantities of data, most of it digital. Those who can effectively apply data analytics gain valuable insights into their customers and products, business operations and staff. Big Data is the starting point for a differentiated customer experience, process improvement, and risk modelling.

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Robotics Process Automotation

Are you looking for sustainable competitive advantage? Then Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a way to improve the quality of your products/services, to put more focus on creating value in the chain and to organize your business more efficiently.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a comprehensive technology in which computers are used to make data-driven decisions or perform tasks. Computer intelligence is already being used in almost every sector.

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Tech alliances


We help clients achieve their goals with digital technology and turn market opportunities into profit. To do this, we combine Oracle Enterprise Technology with commercial and technological advice - from strategy to execution.

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SAP technology supports us in solving our clients complex commercial challenges. We help you through a sector and results-oriented approach by using SAP. In a business transformation, we focus on the entire process, from strategy to execution.

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Today's market puts constant pressure on organizations to build a work culture that encourages high performance. Talent is now on the agenda of CEOs on a par with financial performance. PwC uses Workday technology to address the issues that are critical to your business.

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CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik (Wolters Kluwer) is a software platform in which all data for the finance function comes together: both data for performance management and for compliance with legislation and regulations (IFRS, GAAP, Solvency II, Basel/CRD, tax).

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