Due Diligence

Focus on the factors that count

You are planning to acquire or sell a company. But is it a wise move? To make an informed decision, naturally you need to assess financial and tax-accounting criteria. Yet, in many instances, there are also other value drivers that need to be considered, such as market position, quality of IT, operating possibilities and reputational risks. How do you identify and gain a clear understanding of the value drivers that count given the nature of your business?

Really know what you are buying or selling

When negotiating a deal, time and resources are usually in short supply. We make effective use of both and provide you with a clear understanding of the main opportunities and risks of the deal you are considering. Working in close consultation with you, we are able to apply the right focus because we have inside knowledge of your industry and know what to concentrate on. Once you have settled on an approach, our experts will take immediate action.

How we can help

Our input will enable you to make a successful deal. With our due diligence support you can:

  • Make a well-informed decision as to whether or not to pursue the acquisition or sale. Besides providing you with solid facts, as a trusted advisor, we will also express an opinion on the merits of the deal based on your decision criterion.
  • Make a realistic and well-informed offer, or determine a realistic and achievable selling price, based on the factors that determine the value of the business.
  • Determine the most appropriate legal structure and negotiate the best terms for the deal based on a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks of the deal.

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