Privacy & Data Protection

Privacy & Data Protection – adhere to complex legislation

The extensive legislation on the protection of (personal) data is complex and changeable. For most companies, the implementation of GDPR has made compliance to the legal requirements under this new legislation even more complex.

Privacy & Data Protection in your organisation

We can advise you on legislation for privacy & data protection and the risks for your organisation. We also assist in the implementation of procedures to comply with legislation. For this, our lawyers work in close collaboration with our PwC colleagues from other disciplines, with a large network of international privacy lawyers within reach.

How we can help

  • Help you obtain insight in which personal data you are allowed to gather, store, share or sell and how you should go about that.
  • Make an inventory of who within your organisation is responsible for data processing. Based on this inventory, we can judge whether you fulfill part or all of the, sometimes seemingly contradictory, legal requirements.
  • Advising on amendments of existing (internal) processes or the implementation of new procedures.
  • Point out which risks you run in case of negligence or violation of legal requirements.
  • Advising and implement so-called Binding Corporate Rules for transferring personal data to foreign countries.
  • Drafting the profile for the function of Functionaris voor de Gegevensbescherming (FG) and/or Data Protection Officer (DPO).
  • Identifying the rights of data subjects regarding your organisation.
  • Providing information on the application of technical and organisational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security.
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