Intelligent Rightsizing

Optimal personnel deployment in cost control around employees

Now the "new normal" is being adopted, we see that one of the biggest challenges for organisations is optimal personnel deployment combined with cost control.

Does your current staff actually still fit your business continuity after the crisis? As an organisation, you are faced with challenges of making the right decisions in which adherence to the purpose, values ​​and culture of your organisation is key. At the same time, promises to the stakeholder and fear of reputational damage play a role.

One thing is evident: flourishing and healthy employees perform better, stay in the company longer, cost less and cause fewer organisational risks. But what decisions do you make when it comes to performance management, employee engagement and key talent while working remotely?

In short, what mix of options do you have for all these challenges that naturally fit into the "new normal" of your organisation?

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Adjustment of personnel costs to the new normal

Optimal use of deployment and, if necessary, restructuring of your workforce is crucial in times of crisis. Intelligent Rightsizing helps to control your personnel costs and offers organisations a solution in the new reality. Bastiaan Starink and Nicolien Borggreve, Partners at PwC, provide you with clear insights into various possibilities and our approach. Watch our webcast from Wednesday 27 May 2020 here.

* Shortly after the publication of this webcast, the government reached a compromise on the dismissal fine.

Insight into your workforce

Using our digital tools, we provide you with in-depth insight into your workforce. Together with you, we scan the current situation, monitor progress and determine the approach for a sustainable workforce. We guide you in collecting data, gaining insights, managing and improving the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce.

We collect and analyse your financial data on remuneration and benefits. In these analyses we also look at the effects of a possible NOW subsidy. In order to arrive at the most effective strategy, we highlight the good and poorly performing parts of your organisation. In addition, we analyze the personnel model in order to safeguard the essential parts of your organisation and to optimise the productivity of employees. In addition, the implementation of a reorganisation is also one of the possibilities to adapt your organisation to the “new normal”. Finally, we translate this into an implementation plan in which we include further training / upskilling and communication to the employees.

These steps are divided into three phases: mobilising, stabilising and setting out the strategy.

Each phase includes activities performed by our experts. Since any organisation can be categorised as an "archetype", this requires a specific approach.

Intelligent rightsizing
Intelligent rightsizing
Intelligent rightsizing

How PwC helps you?

We will help you define and implement cost-cutting initiatives around the workforce, compensation and benefits resulting from Covid-19. We help you respond to the new normal, naturally matching your purpose, values, leadership style, culture and promises to your stakeholders.

We offer an "end-to-end" approach, covering a wide range of expertise. We help you identify (non) financial consequences and considerations. This includes legal requirements, defining and accelerating cost-saving initiatives in the field of personnel, compensation and benefits. We help your organisation to position even better after the crisis. We can also unburden you by carrying out the complete reorganisation for you and offering building blocks that match specific wishes.

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